Support Speaker Boehner

April 3, 2011

Tell me, my readers, where is the support for John Boehner, who led us through the grueling, defining battle for Health Care? He who has truly fulfilled the repetitive promise for seeking Bipartisan compromise?

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My fellow Louisianans, as I write this we are only days away from a Government shutdown. Some in the media enjoy making light of the idea, thinking it an irrelevant occurrence and some (like Sean Hannity) insist it a necessary event, saying that “we have to fight for our kids”. Children won’t enjoy the shutdown and the sudden lack of support for federally funded museums, parks, and other things, and neither will you or I. We should all keep in mind that the next step is a Default, which would be the complete collapse of the US Economy.

We have a good and able Speaker in D.C. right now, one that we all rallied to a year or so ago over the Health Care battle in the House. His policies are rational and often Bipartisan, and he seems to have a knack for getting (what’s left of) the Blue Dog caucus on our side. He disregards of the wretched Tea Party’s berating of his seeking for negotiation, communication, and compromise, and has the wisdom to see that cutting the budget should be done slowly and carefully, to not jeopardize our slow recovery. He heeds the advice of our Budget Chairman, Paul Ryan, and fulfills the expectation that so many of us have, which is to find common ground with even the Democrats for the advancement of our country. Who of us (other than Tea Partyists) isn’t exhausted from the political stalemates caused by the petty squabbling amongst our Congressmen and Senators in D.C.?

Still, today he has such little support. The radical Tea Party Caucus despises his every attempt at including the Democrat’s on the passage of this much-needed budget reform. They say that he is wrong in his proposition of cutting $61 billion this year and worrying about next year when our current debate is resolved, and as toddlers do they have stamped their feet on the ground and demanded that hundreds of billions be cut now, just because they say so. To disagree with the Tea Party makes you a Communist and altogether un-American, don’t you know? Harry Reid and the Senate Democrat’s have gunned down every early attempt made at passage, just because they can, and now even the Establishment finds outrage for his White House-negotiated compromise to only cut $33 billion.

Why are they so near-sighted? Do they not see the political benefits of Bipartisan passage on something so important as the budget? What’s more, do they not see the way it would benefit the American people to cut that kind of money, even though it’s only at about half of what’s needed? Maybe if the Tea Party rookies could deflate their ego’s long enough to come to the realization that acceptance of Democrat compromise will set an amicable mood for future battles, such as the debt ceiling, something could be accomplished here. So much of the Establishment is to blame here as well. Why so haughty and proud, Republicans? Do none recall the times when Party’s found a way to meet in the middle? Do they not see that if $33 billion proves to be too little they can readily point fingers across the aisle with no shame on their own reputations?

I encourage one and all in D.C. and State Governments, to Louisianans and Americans across the country, to find a way to make your support of John Boehner known. Send a clear, Bipartisan message that the time for political squabbling is over, and the time for unity, cooperation, and compromise is at hand. Do not leave he who fought Pelosi tooth and nail to stand by himself in the budget battle. Give him the opportunity to rally the country and unite Congress for the sake of America.

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