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George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and the Shadow Party

August 10, 2016

        In our last article, we showed how Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and Harold Ickes began what they called a “Shadow Party” to undermine the United States and the Constitution, using “Political Correctness” (we will be doing an article on where and how the term “Politically Correct” came to be in the […]

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It Is What It Is

December 19, 2012
It Is What It Is

by Mark Parham Disclaimer: These are the views of the author and not necessarily that of LC Admin The adage is as old as the earth itself but relevant to so many issues everyday. Just in my household alone, it was heard so often that I literally had it tattooed across the top of my […]

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A Christmas wish list

December 12, 2012
military 6

by Mark Parham   With only a few days left for finding those perfect gifts for the ones we love, we hustle and bustle about trying to finish up before the mad rush of the last minute shoppers. We check our list as we mark off item after item. I try to keep things simple […]

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A Word From A Pastor’s Heavy Heart…

October 27, 2012

Guest Commentary by Pastor Robbie Bankens Brother Robbie is a home grown Louisiana Soul with a passion for standing up in the pulpit and going against the flow of apathetic churches. He is Pastor at Abundant Grace of Petal, Mississippi. With his permission, I share this message. From the heart of Pastor Robbie, written Oct. […]

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A recipe for becoming a successful President

August 6, 2012
A recipe for becoming a successful President

by Mark Parham About the author. I am not a professional writer or scholar but I share an opinion and that is all I offer based on factual information and what I take from it as truth. First, Lie Lie and Lie some more!!  Make promises that knowingly can never be kept, yet at the […]

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Stay TEA’D! Part I

May 15, 2012
Income Tax

Why We Must Keep Tax Reformation Relevant By Laura O’Halloran From Priority to Back Seat The TEA Party movement began as a groundswell of Americans who were fiscally fed up and “Taxed Enough Already.” In the process of having to accept the proposal of socialized health care and increasing tax burdens through every major department […]

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