Taking defeat by force!

June 4, 2012

Saturday, the Louisiana Republican Party held it’s state convention, and let me tell you, it was anything but boring. The convention seemed to highlight the division that seems to be plaguing the Republican party, and it also highlighted the weaknesses that such division is causing. I find myself standing in the abyss between two powerful sects that are struggling for control of the state party, and in the processes, are rending it in two. This has got to stop.

Let me begin by saying this, I believe that RINOism is one of the greatest threats that our party faces. On a national scale, the left wins their biggest victories and does the most damage to the GOP when the membership of the Republican Party stops standing on principle. The left spends money like a drunken sailor, while we on the right shake our head. When we stop them from spending, they call us obstructionist. When WE spend, they cry to the media about the fiscally irresponsible Republicans and their deficit spending bankrupting the country, and we take a serious wound in the battle to stop big government.  The left thrives on calling us hypocrites, thieves, liars, racists, biggots and curmudgeons. When we compromise our principles, we only fuel their fire. The RINOs (Republican In Name Only) live to enforce that stereotype. They have hearts full of compromise, and spines devoid of calcium. They blow with the wind, and they cannot be trusted to run the party.

Cartoon by John Pritchett. See more Pritchett cartoons at http://pritchettcartoons.com

It is in part because of this conviction, that I,  personally,  have supported Ron Paul in this campaign.  Congressman Paul is, if anything, a man that will stand up for fiscal conservatism. He is a strict constructionist when it comes to interpreting the constitution. I admire this in him. I do not agree with him on many social issues, but I do believe that many such issues are not the purview of the federal government anyway. Now, if I could only get a candidate who believes in conservatism, who will not compromise, and who’s supporters do not absolutely drive me insane, I would be a happy guy.

I honestly appreciate the passion of Paul supporters.  I wish everyone was as passionate about their beliefs. The problem is that they let their passions rule them.  At some point, you have to take a look at what you’re doing and ask yourself if it makes any sense whatsoever. You worked hard to put yourself in a position to have a large number of delegates at the state convention. You could have used that in a calm,  measured manner to aquire as many seats at the national convention as you possibly could. Instead, you decided to literally turn your back on the state convention, and throw a pity party. What in the world were you thinking? Instead of working within the system to gain some ground and get as many people into the national convention as you possibly could, you turned your chairs around and got NOTHING.

By turning your back on the party, you forfeited any right you had to be taken seriously. You are now the toddler in the room, rolling around on the ground throwing a screaming fit because you didn’t get your way and I can not and will not be a party to it. When you turned your back on the convention,  you turned your back on me too.  Like Dr. Paul, I want to find solutions by working within the Republican party, not against it. You are a poor reflection of the man you so ardently support.

Recently Mitt Romney acquired the number of delegates necessary to avoid a brokered convention.  He will be the Republican nominee going into the general election. Fine. My Presidential nominee is a RINO. Okay. He’s still better than Obama.  I can live with this.  I’m not happy, but I suspect that neither are most of those that helped put him in place.  He will serve.  It is now more important than ever to install conservatives in Congressional seats across the nation. We desperately need a more conservative Senators in place.  It is the nature of a RINO to blow with the strongest breeze. When a leftward wind starts blowing, we need people to stop Romney from hopping aboard the populist express.

I’m tired of the infighting. I’m weary of battling my own party, but I will not give up the fight. Conservatism is the consistent winning strategy, and I will continue to fight to prove that.  The people in this country want fiscal responsibility. They want the assault on our borders, language and culture to stop. They want more freedom and less government control. All we have to do is offer that as a choice.


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