Tales from the campaign trail

October 27, 2011

   This is part two as a follow up from “Making a run for it”.

   As a citizen,  my goals will remain the same as they would have been as a Police Juror . That goal being;  That I will make certain, as long as I held that position, that the citizens of Calcasieu Parish will never be misinformed or deceived on any future issues that come in front of the Juror Panel. Perhaps this will be more easily achieved as a citizen holding these folks accountable to their word than as one of their colleagues.  If only our local elected officials could be who they say they are when running for re-election, and this in no way includes every juror, I would not have to be writing my negative thoughts and beliefs of what I experienced during this process. Of course I believe no one should hold or run for office without a sense of self-confidence but when that confidence turns to arrogance it is a huge turn off for those that have followed these individuals for the last several years. I refuse to mention names here simply because I intend to personally hold them responsible for their comments prior to the election. If that means using whatever is at my disposal in doing so, then so be it. I have attempted to build a relationship with many of these folks in the effort to work for the residents long before I decided to run for office and will keep working toward that end.[ad#Google Adsense]

I have written previously about the proposed Unified Development Code the police jury staff (Calcasieu Parish) is working on at present. Something similar may be in the works in your areas if not already adopted and being implemented. With the public meetings part of this process being over, the staff felt they had satisfied, or I prefer pacified, the citizens complaints and down right disapproval of MORE policy and regulations being added to home owners, land owners and developers. During the recent candidate forums this topic became a major issue by those seeking a first term, myself included, thereby forcing current Jurors to follow suit or remain silent. Each and every one followed suit voicing their unwillingness to accept this document as it is written and stated more public meetings were merited based on response from their constituents. One Juror made the comment to me after his forum was over, and these are his own words, “Did I give em a line of bullshit or what.”  This is NOT what I wanted to here from one of our Jurors and I will personally dog him and hold him responsible for all his future comments and decisions. Yesterday I sent an email to the Asst. Director of Planning and Development asking if and when more public meetings would take place and her response was ; (At this time, we don’t have any meetings scheduled.  The staff is reviewing the UDC and making additional amendments.  Thanks for checking.)    Thanks for checking? You want to tick me off and get me on the hunt for more info and a battle you may not wish for, just end an email with , thanks for checking.

I immediately followed up on that email with this; I know most of our parish employees may believe their jobs are vital and at the same time what they produce for Calcasieu Parish is not always an essential need. It is not detrimental that we attempt to keep up with or outdo others parishes or counties across the nation. What is detrimental will be the consequences of the wrong choices made by our Jurors based on information from staff.  If you will spend one hour of your (busy) day to view this video, you may understand a little better why SO many citizens are irate over the UDC and its over reaching policy’s. I do not have a problem fighting this for however long it takes or by whatever means available to get this to as many concerned citizens as possible. At some point, my local government will understand, you do not rule the people, you are here to govern at the citizens will. For many years one man stood alone against the jury, that is no longer the case.

I am still waiting for more public meetings to be held as requested by many citizens and I intend to hold every Juror to their word during this election cycle for the call of these meetings. We will not forget nor will we go away.  The ball is in your court. Do not drop it. 



I’ll leave the video in for your education and no, I have not gotten a reply to this email which went to several staff employees and Jurors, go figure. More to come.


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