Taxes are NOT Evil

July 13, 2011

I have a big one to get off my chest.

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For the last four, five thousand years, we humans have lived in this thing called “civilization”. This “civilization” thing has organized societies, structured Governments, monetary exchanges, and laws. One of the great forms of Government called “Capitalism” allows their people to make their own money and to have possessions, in exchange for returning to a central (or Federal) government finances in an exchange called “Taxation”. As of late, in the great Capitalist society of the world, this group of people best described as Right-Wing Radicals (or at times Tea Partyists) have spread a rumor that Taxes are evil, and that raising (or renewing) them in increments as small as four cents will trigger the crash of the economy, the final defeat of laissez-faire itself and the destruction of freedom as we know it.

Reality check, readers: Taxes are NOT evil. Tax renewals are NOT evil.

As we all know, our wonderful Governor Jindal has been the star attraction of the Cigarette Tax Debacle. As a refresher, a four-cent cigarette tax renewal was at hand. It passed the State Legislature with super majorities; our Governor, however, vetoed it, arguing that “Tax Renewals are no different than Tax Increases”.

I wish I was kidding about this.

But fear not! Originally, the State Legislature had the numbers to override his executive veto and renew the lass-than-a-nickel tax. Then, in nothing short of divine intervention, eleven Republicans experienced epiphany’s and balked; the override failed. Fortunately, we the people of Louisiana get to vote on the renewal on election day, as other members of our legislature have tacked it on the back of other legislation that specifies 100% of funds from the tax to student scholarships.

The phenomenal thing was Bobby’s reasoning. By his logic, we should eliminate every tax that comes from renewal – now THAT would kill society and civilization itself. To my Christian readers, did our God not command that we give our 10%?

There is no way, and I reiterate, no way to escape our economic bind without increasing revenues; simply cutting is not enough. At present, there is two clear avenues to this; Government spending on programs that will generate fresh revenue, or the expiration of tax cuts. I would volunteer my money to return to Clinton-era tax cuts; we Republicans hate him, fiscal responsibility or not, because of a weakened foreign policy. Is that alone enough to scorn him and all the productive things that he accomplished for our country?

Thing is, some of you will see these words and let them in through your eyes and right out through your nose. Some of you are so ardent in your opinion that tax increases of any fashion are counter-productive. While I applaud all of you for having a strong and decisive opinion, I beseech you: think outside of this radical box. Trying to cut our way out of our Bipartisan-constructed economic deathpit will bring much worse consequences than cents-on-the-dollar in tax raises (that would normally only apply to the top 3% of taxpayers). Please realize that this concept of lower taxes and lower revenues will, with the help of pixiedust, fix the economy is just that: a fairy tale. Voodoo Economics.

Robin Edwards
Robin Edwards

Patrick, you also missed the point about the cig tax. We fought the big one and won but this little tax was a renewal so you are correct in a way. Those taxes were going into the general fund. It wasn't until they feared losing the money that they appointed it education. What the LTP Federation wanted was to see our legislators cut wasteful programs and spending before they instituted 'new' taxes. Governor Jindal was correct in that observation. It was passed, what?, 20 years ago as a temporary tax that keeps getting renewed. Renewing it again makes it a new tax. He stood firm in his new taxes.

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