Tea Power Of Louisiana

October 8, 2011

Well, they have done it. The Tea Party of Louisiana initiated a power grab that would counter the Tea Party movement by consolidating the entire Louisiana Tea Party organizations into the hands of a few middle aged white men. When I say a few, I mean, less than 10. This group, formed without the consent of any of the several more local Tea Parties, was formed with the intentions of forcing all the Tea Parties across the state to adhere to this small group. Letters were sent out to the Tea Party organizations with demands by the Tea Party of Louisiana.

The already organized Tea Parties retaliated and formed their own independent coalition of actual Tea Parties and called it the “Louisiana Tea Party Federation”. This statewide organization is the actual organization of Tea Parties and this organization, nor the Tea Parties around the state actually endorse candidates. The several Tea Parties around the state feel that their job is to educate and let the people decide, not dictate to other people how they ought to vote.

Many of the Tea Party activist who have chosen to run for office have felt slighted by the Tea Party of Louisiana. Many Tea Party activist feel that the Tea Party of Louisiana betrays actual Tea Party candidates in favor of left wing candidates, or at the very least, candidates who never participated in a Tea Party event. Among the Tea Party activist are:

Trey Roberts – chartered member of GNOTP A Tea Party Democrat running for Governor…. yes I said Governor…. What can you say about LOFTY GOALS…. but he is conservative for sure…
Karen Champagne – Northshore 912 – St Tammany Parish President
Walt Bennetti – GNOTP – Jefferson Parish Councilman District 4
Laura O’Halloran – Livingston Parish Tea Party President -State Rep Dist 81
Maureen O Brien – St Tammany Council dist 10

The Southwest Tea Party is demanding a retraction from Senator David Vitter when Senator Vitter openly proclaimed that the Tea Party endorses Jim Tucker. Although this is true that this small group of men endorsed Jim Tucker, most Tea Party organizations and their members refuse to endorse Jim Tucker because they have not forgotten the pay raise debacle in which Jim Tucker tried to give himself and other legislators a huge pay raise that would go into effect immediately. Surely Senator Vitter is being misled, like many other people are, that the Tea Party of Louisiana is representative of Louisiana Tea Parties when they clearly are not.

Tea Party activist were left scratching their heads over Tea Party of Louisiana’s endorsement in District 81, where Laura O’Halloran, the Livingston Parish Tea Party founder & President, and now a current candidate for state Representative, was passed over in favor or Gillis Windham. Many theorize that since the Tea Party obviously could not legitimately endorse a tax and spend Republican in Clay Schexnayder, TPOL would split the Tea Party vote by giving the endorsement to a non-tea party conservative in Windham. In fact, when Windham was first asking for TPOL’s endorsement, they had to explain to him that the Tea Party was a political organization and not a political party. Still, Windham got the endorsement. One of the Tea Party of Louisiana’s founders, who is a “former Obama supporter” argued for TPOL’s endorsement for Clay Schexnayder over O’Halloran.

Long before any of the Tea Party of Louisiana’s members decided to become a part of the Tea Party, a lady named Robin Edwards called a meeting in Baton Rouge to create a Tea Party. This was the beginning of the Baton Rouge Tea Party, the first Tea Party organization in Louisiana. Robin Edwards worked with the several Tea Party organizations around the state. She has lived and breathed the Tea Party movement, but tonight, on Tea Party of Louisiana’s page, some very malicious and misleading attacks against Robin Edwards occured. Edwards supported Joseph Cao over Cedric Richmond, which would make sense being that it’s better to have somebody who agrees with you 50% of the time over somebody who doesn’t agree with you at all. Still, facts don’t stop this rogue organization from bullying it’s way through. Screen shots of this bullying will be available soon.

We at Louisiana Conservative would like to encourage all people to disregard the Tea Party of Louisiana’s endorsements, as all official Tea Party organizations have rejected the Tea Party of Louisiana as an official statewide entity representing all Tea Parties of Louisiana. We would also encourage Tea Party members to speak out against the Tea Party of Louisiana.


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PHOTO Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army 1ST LT. KELSY WILLIAMS, a Pulaski High School graduate, poses with Iraqi children near Al Haswah.

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A little FYI. Louisiana Conservative's endorsements of candidates are not representative of any organization other than Louisiana Conservative. We do not endorse on behalf of any Tea Party organization, nor do we accept contributions for our endorsements. Our endorsements are ours based on the candidates that we feel best represent the conservative values.


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