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May 17, 2007

I wanted to take a moment out and thank all of our readers for helping us have a very successful launch of Louisiana Conservative Dot Com. After reviewing stats from various blogs around the state and considering the time that they have been existence, I have every reason to believe that we are currently the fastest growing blog in the state.

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Our stats and readership continuously grows beyond our expectations, and without you, this would not be possible. We hope you continue to come back and give us feedback, forwarding articles you like to friends, and helping us spread the word.

As you probably can see, we do not delete comments unless it somehow got lost in the tons of spam we have received. We have easily received over 5,000 spam messages, but because of our layout, very few has gotten through. I am amazed that I can delete over 250 spam messages, come back a few hours later, and find another 250 new spam messages. To the spammers out there, I am pretty sure that even the IRS agents have a greater likability than you do.

In honor of our success, I decided to post some endorsements of Louisiana Conservative Dot Com by some of our leaders.

“You’re doing a heckuva job Louisianee” — President George W. Bush

“There’s black, white, blue, green, all sorts of colors. It’s like a big blog of chocolate.” — New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin

“When I read Louisiana Conservative Dot Com, I break down and cry. Why did God give all the brains to you, and none to me?” — Crybaby Broussard


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“Don’t look to me for leadership, read Louisiana Conservative Dot Com instead.” — Governor Kathleen Blanco 

“They’re good, not 9-11 good, but they are good over at Louisiana Conservative.” — America’s Mayor Rudolph Giuliani

“The South has a new Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and it’s called Louisiana Conservative.” — Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton

“You’re going to burn in hell” — Reverend Phelps (that is an endorsement, isn’t it?)

“After The Hairstyler, I’d say Louisiana Conservative is my favorite site.” — Presidential Candidate John Edwards

“Sean Hannity better watch out, these guys are going to put him out of business.” — Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh

“Dardenne’s wrong, these boys at Louisiana Conservative are the real Supermen.” — Former SOS candidate Mike Francis

“These guys built a website as good as anything I built, and I’ve done a lot of building.” — Bob Odom

“Tremendous growth with unimaginable opportunities. We’re going to have to do something about their infrastructure, build more roads, if their traffic keeps growing at this rate.” — Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden

“I hated it before I loved it.” — John Kerry

“When I’m not out having a few drinks and taking a swim, I’m reading Louisiana Conservative.” — Ted Kennedy

“I wish this site was around when I had plenty of time to read.” — Former Insurance Commissioner Jim Brown

“No mi gusto este sitio” — Hugo Chavez

“I came America for job, foodstamps, and read Louisiana Conservative dot com” — Anonymous illegal immigrant

“It’s great for tourism” — Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu

“I am a conservative, and to prove it, I read Louisiana Conservative Dot Com.” — Presidential candidate John McCain

“Debate? Debate? Who has time for a debate when there’s Louisiana Conservative Dot Com to read?” — Gubernatorial candidate Bobby Jindal

The above comments are meant for humor and are not to be taken seriously

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Thank you all for your hard work because i have really enjoyed everything here.Btw i really loved the fact you told the truth on this one. Don’t look to me for leadership, read Louisiana Conservative Dot Com instead.” — Governor Kathleen Blanco

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