The 2010 Season ….

December 17, 2009

Oh what a relief it’s going to be. I haven’t felt this good about a political season, since, well, never. I remember 1994 and even though we thought we knew it was going to be a good year for the Republicans, there was a sense of nervousness. You’ll really understand the feeling on the eve of the Saints Superbowl appearance, confident the Saints are going to win, but as gametime creeps up, so does the feeling that you don’t actually want the game to start, questioning whether the Saints are going to win.

I don’t have that same sense of nervousness, not this year. It feels more like nothing can go wrong. There’s an extra pep in the step, that any mistakes we on the Right will make will be more than compensated by people on the Left. I’m driving down the street the other day, and this lady has a homemade sign on the back of her car that said something about “Honk if you support health care reform and the public option!” So I rolled down my windows to listen, and nobody honked… and there were plenty of cars around. It’s going to be a lonely time to be a Left winger, and they simply don’t get the rejection by the American public.

Well no, I think they are starting to get it. I even got a call from a longtime friend of mine who happens to be of the Liberal class, and lives in the Left Coast… even he seemed to be backing off of health care reform. Who isn’t getting it? The President, the House, the Senate, Left Wing bloggers. When President Clinton got shallacked after pushing his health care reform, he smartened up quickly and thanks in part to the Republicans nominating Bob Dole, went on to get re-elected. These folks leading the Democrat party are going to cause a slaughter of their party from top to bottom. Even the more innocent Democrats on local levels are going to feel the effects. I’m rather enjoying this.

There is one bill that I think we who live in Louisiana need to push for, and that’s a bill that would require all statewide and legislative elected officials be required to resign from their seat if they have more than one year remaining at the time they announce their candidacy. Unfortunately that won’t apply to the congressmen and Senators as the Supreme Court would most likely block that limitation on federally elected officials, but, take for example Cheryl Gray announcing her retirement today, immediately after the announcement, Karen Carter Peterson announced she would seek that seat. I have no problem with Carter Peterson seeking this seat, but this rule would apply to her under these circumstances. She has more than one year left remaining in her seat, she should resign and let somebody else run for the seat she currently holds. Obviously she’s not that interested in being a Representative anymore. Resigning would open up that seat for somebody who is interested in having that job.

It would apply to them all, equally. I’m sure even Seahorse over at YRHT could get onboard with insisting that our politicians resign from their current position if they announce their candidacy while they have more than one year remaining in their term. I don’t know, maybe he’ll have to check with the Kings of the Democrat party, see if the servant can support the bill.


Umm, sure, I can get behind that in principle. There's about two thousand more pressing issues for Louisiana right now, but since it's one of your pet projects I'll be happy to join you in supporting the concept. I would structure it in the following way, though: force candidates who are in the first half of their term to resign if they announce for another office. I'm unable to check with anyone in the state Democratic Party because I can't tell the "Kings" from "Fools".


Well, I still remember during Clinton's first reign of terror thinking "if we can just hold out until the election, surely no one would vote for this idiot TWICE." So I'm not going to feel anything remotely like confidence until I see the final election returns. As my son continually reminds me, never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers...

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