The Bannet Party

June 24, 2015

I’d like to make a proposal here, since we as a nation seem on the verge of book burning ISIS style. Since we are getting to the point of removing all reminders of our nation’s history, from flags to memorials, we ought to consider making some other changes as well. For example, we recently decided that an abolitionist should no longer be on a ten dollar bill, but why would we keep a notorious racist slave trader who is responsible for a genocide. Would you believe me if Anti-kkk-cartoonI told you there is a political party that still celebrates the nation’s only President who was a slave trader? Would you be shocked if I told you that same party also helped create the Ku Klux Klan in order to keep blacks from voting for the newly formed Republican party? What if I told you abortion was pushed as a means to eradicate minorities in America? Unfortunately that is all true, and the political party still exists today… it’s called the Democrat party. So I’d like to include the Democrat party to the relics of the museum.

Not that I’m trying to prohibit free speech and freedom of thought. I’m just worried that the name “Democrat” might be offensive and hurtful to many people. I’m concerned, as you should be as well. I’m not saying they can’t have free speech, but I’m suggesting they break away from their racist roots. A simple name change should suffice. I’d like to suggest the “Bannet Party”.

Why the “Bannet Party”? It seems to me a more fitting name for this political party. Let’s go down the list…

Popcorn – Ban it

Cigarettes – ban itaa840cf706fa81beb2ca7197a820a997

guns – ban it

salt – ban it

Confederate flag – ban it

United States flag… don’t ban it, what else would they be able to burn once they get rid of…

woodburning stoves – ban it

Combustible engines – ban it

DMHO – ban it

CO2 – ban it

incandescent light bulbs – ban it

one flush toilets – ban itIMG_0513_zpsb771a515IMG_0513_zpsb771a515

cell phone use in cars – ban it

Transfat – ban it

bb guns – ban it

toy guns – ban it

fingers as guns – ban it

tasty school lunches – ban it. (But wait, we have to feed them something, give them slop)

Freedom of religion – ban it

School prayer – ban it

riding motorcycles without a helmet – ban it

Riding in a car without a seat belt – ban it

playing tag – ban it

dodgeball – ban it

Redskins – ban it

drawing a cartoon of Muhammad – ban it

illegal immigration laws – ban it

I could continue on, but I think you are getting the picture here. The name “Bannet Party” is much more suitable for the party of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Ask yourself, what have Democrats tried to ban that didn’t even make this long list of things?

More importantly, since the Democrat party seems to offer banning something as a solution every time we turn around, what do you think is the next thing they will try to ban.

Warning, sharing this article on Facebook and Twitter may cause you to be banned from Democrat fundraising event, Democrat forums, Democrat rallies, Democrat sponsored book burnings, and Democrat friends lists.

Comment below if there is something they have tried to ban that is not on this list or if there is something you think the Democrats will try to ban next.


Yeah, the "party of tolerance and open mindedness" is censoring and regulating America into an early grave. Too bad so few are willing to do anything about it.


Woohoo! I love this!  You have hit the proverbial nail on the head with this one!  And you're so right, the "Bannet" Party is the most appropriate name for the Democrat party; they have gone so far into the obtuse angle they've created another obtuse inside the obtuse they're already other words, they've gone further and further away from center left (they used to be that way) that they just can't turn it around to get back there, they are so far left it would take another millennium to bring them back, and doubt that will even happen.  I don't know what else they've banned, other than this list, or what they can think of next, but I'm sure it'll be another good one for them to pull off for their demagoguery as they create another wormhole into the abyss of their obtuseness.  Did you add the fact of those football/baseball team names into the equation, too?  As in the Washington Indians (oops, can't say that anymore!), and all the other -ball team names that they've attacked because it "might hurt someone's feelings"!!  Good grief almighty these people are just so relentless it is the most disturbing times of our lives, I can tell you that!   Remember big mayor Bloomberg banning the "Big Gulp" drinks and only allows the 16 oz size instead?  Yeah, look how far that went, as if it would've "deterred" more people from buying the large, large, size gulpers than a paltry little 16 oz cupper, so the customers bought up more 16 oz. gulps than they used to buy the big size gulps, and they STILL have a weight problem!  LOL!!!  One example of how the "Bannet" party really works!  Good points you made, too.   Keep it up.  

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