The BCS President

January 30, 2010

For the record, I am all for the BCS system to have a playoff system. I believe that the BCS could take the top 8 teams in the BCS play them in the existing bowls culminating in a more profitable system. I also believe that the BCS could keep the same amount of teams reaching a bowl game by adding three or four more bowls. I believe it’s fair to all teams, and ends the debate of who the best team in college football… save Boise State, no team that plays on a blue field should be allowed to compete…ever. But that’s my view.

However, I find it dramatically disturbing when both Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and President Obama want to investigate NCAA football. The way the BCS decides it’s championship has it’s problems, but is it really the responsibility of the government to make everybody happy? A government that has the power to make you happy, is a government with the power to make you sad. A government that is powerful enough to feed you, is powerful enough to starve you, and a government that will interfere in other people’s lives will eventually interfere with your life. LSU should have been able to face USC in a championship game, and this year’s real championship game happened when Alabama faced Florida. Would you, the fan, rather have seen a BCS title game between Florida and Alabama, or Boise State and Alabama?

Orrin Hatch, unhappy that a team from his state didn’t get to play for the title game despite their unbeaten status, is reportedly steamed and feels that the federal government ought to bust the NCAA under-antitrust? But what happens when government becomes a monopoly, that government interferes in every aspect of our lives? Who will put anti-trust laws on government? The more power government has, the more government will attract power hungry mad men.

More importantly, there are more severe issues facing our nation. We have an economy that continues to suffer even as economies around the world are recovering. Our unemployment rate increases, home sales dropped by 17% in December and the Stock market is down on the year. It’s so bad that the media picked up on a sudden GDP increase of 5.7%. However, critics warn that it’s unsustainable growth and even the Obama administration has downplayed that good news. Obviously, we have more serious issues in the economy that is yet to happen.

Not to mention that South Korea and North Korea have hostile tensions, Manuel Zelaya continues to embarrass himself to all the world, Hugo Chavez accused President Obama of attacking Haiti with an earthquake missile, our nation still is dependent on foriegn oil, we have two ongoing wars, and a President who takes a mulligan on his first year.

The Republican party has the opportunity to step up and become the leaders of the nation as people’s frustration in government is now pouring on to the Democrat party, but to focus on simple and emotional issues is not going to build people’s faith in the Republican party. We have the opportunity to step up and provide solutions. People are not going to take our elected officials seriously with ideas like fixing the NCAA.


I thought the same way when the government was investigating baseball. Our government is totally out of control. We need much smaller government, much lower taxes, and states that stand up for their citizenz rights.

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