The Benefits of a Second Obama Term

November 8, 2012

I’m an optimist or at least I try to be an optimist, so I’m holding my head up and looking for the positives in the re-election of Barack Obama. True, there isn’t much positive coming out of this and for a few hours I drew a blank. I couldn’t see one single good thing until I realized that we re-elected a Vice President as well.

Yes, the brightest spot is that we will get four more years of laughter from the Vice President, and more over, he’ll have more flexibility to say stupid things. Even better, he will be our opponent in four years. I suppose as 2016 draws nearer, Joe Biden will probably be sitting in the Oval Office only to be reminded that he’s not President yet. Imagine poor Obama busy with his Presidential duties on the golf course only to be interrupted because “Biden is sitting in the chair again”. We will have plenty of things to laugh about.

What I think the Republican party needs to do is to capitulate on tax increases. Give Obama what he wants on tax increases. Let him raise taxes to 110% if he wants. After you factor in the tax increases of the state level and local levels, there won’t be much left for employees, but hey, that’s what the American people wanted. They know he’ll raise their taxes, and they voted for it. Let his health care taxes go up, let him sink the economy.

Let him spend away into his failed renewable energy programs and let him cut oil out of our lives as much as he wants. The more renewable energy companies go bankrupt, the less desirable they become to anybody. Who would want a renewable energy contractor when a couple of years later he’s out of business or packing up and moving to another town? Yes, he can drive up the price of gas to 8 or 9 dollars a gallon all in the name of his renewable energy.

The problem is where Obama wants people to spend their money. Renewable energy, high gasoline prices, high taxes, and let’s not forget he wants to force them to buy health insurance. By the time Obama gets done forcing people how to spend their money, they won’t have much left for food or clothes, but, that’s what they voted for. Exactly how is the economy going to grow when people don’t have money left over post Obama is a little unclear to me, but ask a Democrat, I’m sure they can explain it.

Where I hope the Republicans would draw the line is on granting more power to the Presidency. The last thing we need is for some extremist that doesn’t understand our Constitution or how our government works, signing more executive orders than all previous presidents combined. I certainly wouldn’t want a zealot like that with more powers, would you?

The bright light in all of this is that the Republicans will take a new approach in advancing their agenda. I’m talking about taking the argument to minorities. We don’t have to alter our message or compromise our values. We have to reach out to minorities. Democrats spread the rumor that Republicans are racist, and the Republicans confirm it by avoiding political discussions with minorities. This needs to stop. Minorities believe in the Right to bear arms, they believe in becoming business owners, they believe in getting jobs, they believe in the family structure. Many minorities have family in the military. On issue after issue, minorities agree with us, but it’s easier for minorities to vote for somebody who likes them even if they disagree with them than to vote for somebody who they perceive as being “racist”. If we want to win, we can’t avoid groups of people anymore.

I don’t mean to suggest that the Republican party is racist, in fact, far from it. I’d argue it’s just the opposite. That there is only one party that makes it their policy to reiterate or suggest to minorities that they are inferior to White people. That because of the color of their skin, they need welfare. That because of the color of their skin, they need government programs to “level the playing field”. That because of the color of their skin, they can’t even use photo identification to vote. There is one party that consistently insults minorities, and yet, we won’t go after their vote.

The people chose to give Barack Obama and the Democrat party power for the next four years, they deserve the government they have. In less than two months we will have the fiscal cliff. Barack Obama and the Democrats own it now. He has no one left to blame, stay out of his way, so that the only people left to blame are Obama and the Democrats.


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