The Bull Elephant stops in Lake Charles

June 21, 2011

As I pulled up to the restaurant, there sits the trailer with a bigger than life bull elephant sitting on it. After meeting and talking with Billy for awhile, his passion for the people of Louisiana is also bigger than life. I recalled the images of Mr. Nungesser standing his ground against forces most would have buckled under to during the fight to save Louisiana’s coastal lands and wildlife in the aftermath of the Horizon tragedy.  As we talked, I began to envision what Louisiana truly needs at a time of economic downturn and businesses choosing other states to locate in and grow. While the main duties of our Lt. Gov. are recreation and tourism, I believe tourism and economic development go hand in hand. Providing the atmosphere for economic growth is a must for Louisiana’s future, and someone ready to fight for business growth is Mr. Nungesser.
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As the room filled with Lake Charles residents, Billy took to the podium and welcomed everyone for coming out. No opening act, no campaign manager, just a man doing what he believes in. I think his first statement caught the attention of nearly everyone in the room and I quote,” I am officially entering the race for Lt. Governor, not because I need a new job, but because there is a job that needs to be done. This office is directly responsible for effectively selling this state to the rest of the country and world.  We need a Lt. Governor who understands this important position for our state, who wants this job, and most importantly, who can do the job.” unquote

Last year we made a choice, as nearly most elections have become, of the lesser of two evils, so to speak, between Jay Dardenne and Caroline Fayard. This year we have a clearer choice for Louisiana in Billy Nungesser. The time has come to look at the voting record again, of Jay Dardenne and compare that to what we have seen of Billy digging in and backing down from no one, not only Governor Jidal, but President Obama as well. The Bull Elephant is on the road for the citizens of Louisiana in what may turn out to be the most important race this cycle, depending on the moves Gov.  Jindal makes in the following years.

I’ll close with Billy’s words from tonight.

“Our state faces many challenges. Challenges from budget deficits to restoring our image and quality of life after hurricanes and environmental disasters– to putting Louisianians back to work. Governor Jindal deserves a partner, not an adversary, as Lt. Governor.”


Mark Parham


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