June 14, 2007

Richard Fewell, Sheriff of Ouachita Parish, with total disregard to the appearance of impropriety, has decided that his disease is under control.
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Sheriff Fewell has obviously forgotten that he is a servant to the public, not the public’s master. Sheriff Fewell has forsaken any standards of justice and has jeopardized the honest outcome of a criminal trial. While strutting his authority like a Bantam rooster in front of local television cameras, Sheriff Fewell put on the face of indignation and appeared to be insulted to think that his authority would be in question and more insulted  at the remote hint that he would use his publicly granted authority to somehow benefit his son running for political office. These are all classic examples of an unchecked disease that has been allowed to become malignant.

More examples of this debilitating disease have been found in State Representative Francis Thompson and his brother, former Delhi Mayor Mike Thompson. Instrumental in the land grab of Poverty Point Lake, the Thompson gang has not only used their misguided powers to enrich themselves and their friends by having the State build this lake, but have obviously been consumed by greed given their cunning deception of the true need for many more of these self-serving projects.

Like Sheriff Fewell, the appearance of impropriety involving family members and friends is simply not a consideration for State Representative Francis Thompson. After all, being the lackey of a criminal Governor and maintaining that servant loyalty to Representative John Alario, while neglecting the true needs of his representative district, makes Representative Thompson deserving, in his eyes, to all the political payoffs he can hoard, no matter the damage done to the region he is sworn to serve. Francis Thompson obviously feels that his needs outweigh any of the desperately needed improvements to his district’s infrastructure, and, giving his brother, Mike Thompson, a six-figure salary at State expense is above reproach, despite his brother’s recent indictment. Again, these are all classic symptoms of a disturbing malignancy.

Perhaps due to the close exposure with the likes of Representative Thompson, State Senator Charles Jones is obviously a long time victim of this disease. As one of the most ethically challenged members of the Louisiana Senate, Senator Jones’ condition was likely worsened and accelerated by the inexplicable reasoning of making Senator Jones the Chairman of the Ethics Committee, despite the numerous ethics violations committed by the “good” Senator.

Senator Jones, obviously in an acute stage of the disease, believes his powers extend into districts outside his elected boundaries, like the dumbfounding activities of manipulating the governmental structure of Union Parish, likely a conspiratorial effort with a like-minded official on the Union Parish Police Jury who is likely another victim of this overwhelming disease. Making Senator Jones’ disabling condition more obvious is his most recent activities of working against his constituents to deny badly needed infrastructure to the most neglected regional hub in Louisiana. With the worst roads in the State, Charles Jones, with the help of similarly diseased partners-in-crime, has decided that the ambiance of his home is far more important than any “trivial” improvements to the road system in Ouachita Parish. With Senator Jones’ daughter, Rosalind Jones, now a candidate for elected office, a thinking voter would have to wonder how far that “apple” falls from the “tree”.

The cause of this morally weakening disease is the extended exposure to power, an exposure proven throughout history to negatively effect the judgment of the most virtuous individuals. Some “doctors” have tried to help cure the sick individuals in the Legislature by enacting badly needed term limits to elected office, as “cold turkey” methods of treatment are their only hope. Unfortunately, like heroin junkies, the afflicted power mongers have circumvented the cure by stashing an iniquitous “fix” in the medical protocol.

This circumvention can only be thwarted by a caring constituency, dedicated to doing what is morally right. More unfortunate is that the majority of those constituents are afflicted with a similarly devastating disease.

Too many of Louisiana’s politicians have been in office for too long. Their extended exposure to power has left them with severe cases of a most vicious cancer, self-serving arrogance, compounded by a constituency equally weakened by another cancer, voter apathy.

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Pam, first thanks for your comments, but your bias is shining brightly. Mine does that when I talk about Bobby Jindal or Mike Walsworth, so, please, don't take that as a slight of you. I never challenged Sheriff Fewell's character, but I do feel he made a terrible decision in not recusing himself AND HIS DEPARTMENT from investigating this matter. Simply the POSSIBLE APPEARANCE of this being slanted against Hargrove IN FAVOR OF FEWELL"S SON, should have been all that he needed to bring in the State Police or the Attorney General's office. No one ever said that the OPSO was unqualified to do the investigation, but simply that the head of that office, with total control over every investigator in that department, should have stepped aside to prevent ANY perception of a conflict of interest in favor of his SON. It was a huge political mistake, and no matter what Hargrove did or did not do, it was made near irrelevant by Sheriff Fewell, and his son's campaign will be the victim of that arrogance. I actually believe that had he done so, it would have actually helped his son's campaign. "A shining example of integrity, passed on through his son." Ask his son which of these scenarios he would have preferred. Luckily for Fewell,Jr, there were no charges brought against Hargrove, because any action against Hargrove would have cultivated the negative suspicions of the "undecided". Pam, I don't have a dog in this hunt, but I am concerned about NELA's "complete appearance". I am certain Sheriff Fewell would not be in his position without a majority of voters like yourself who think the way you do. Since no one on Earth is perfect, making note of that mistake, imo, is needed to not only keep the electorate informed, but to inform our public leaders that the minority deserves consideration, as well.

Pam Davis
Pam Davis

Fewell was not heading the investigation, it was a sheriff's department issue. Should he not allow the DEPARTMENT to handle the inquiry simply because the person involved is running for office against his son? Sheriff Fewell is a fine, ethical man and anyone who states otherwise does not know him. What Hargrove did was Hargrove's doing---not Fewell's! He settled by paying the money back to the employer. NOW, if he's paying the money back to the employer, who is guilty?

Sean H
Sean H

How much more embarrassment will this man cause our community? Please step down in July!!!!

Looking for a Change
Looking for a Change

I am told that Richard Fewell Sr will be stepping down just under the window that would require the Secretary of State to order a special election (July 2 2007) This again proves beyond doubt that he is on some sort of power trip, for the PUBLIC to elect HIM and then he tucks tail and forces Jay Russell on the public as the acting Sheriff of Ouachita Parish is BS! He is also forcing Royce Toney on the people and that does not set well with me either! I surely hope someone other than the "Good Old Boy" Network presents a candidate for the people of Ouachita Parish!


You seem to have hit the nail squarely on the head! Fewell has, for sometime, operated as he wishes without regard to the people he serves or the legal limits of his authority. There will be a lot more news concerning Fewell's rogue tactics in the coming weeks! Fewell may be explaining his indictment to the media soon! But what can you expect from a man that refuses to answer any questions concerning his pet cocaine Snorter Michael David Rowlan who remains second in command at Metro Narcotics Unit as an employee of Fewell's! Maybe Mike Rowlan has been sharing his stash of illegally seized contraband with Fewell? The only thing I could think of that would make a man think he is 9 foot tall and bullet proof!

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