The Chucky Award

November 14, 2007

The Chucky AwardFolks, it’s that time of week again when the Chucky Award is presented to the person who did the best job in the past week of proving to us all that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is indeed a fact by showing us that their brain really ain’t much bigger than a monkey’s brain.
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First the nominees

The Liberal Bloggers out there who stand with the Unions until it affects them. While the Writers Guild of America is out on strike, liberal pundits continue to hammer away on their keyboards giving people something to read despite the WGA strike.

Now some of you might ask why Louisiana Conservative isn’t on strike? Because I’m happy to see a lot less liberalism on television, that’s why. Besides, for what they’ve been giving us they are overpaid…

But Liberal bloggers should be joining their liberal brethren, and add their blog to the strike so the world can see just how important writers are to America. Don’t fret that The Daily Kooks and other liberal bloggers didn’t win the award this time, I’m sure they’ll eventually be Chucky Hall of Famers someday!

The next nominees are the funny guys on television who can’t make a living unless somebody else is writing their jokes for them. Really, David Letterman, Jay Leno, and the myriad of late night talk shows can’t do their shows without writers? Do the show without them, aren’t they supposed to be funny people? What do they do? They come up with jokes about the daily news, then they spend thirty or forty minutes interviewing guest and have a musical group on stage.

Do the writers have to pound out the whole question and answer session on their keyboards? What is so difficult about that? Not only were the late night funny guys never really that funny, but this little enlightenment makes them even less so.

And our final nominee is Derek Fitch for allowing himself to be signed on as a contact person and as Executive Director (paid position) in the whole Buddy Caldwell/Louisiana Justice Fund Scandal where an organization that ran ads against Royal Alexander even though it is illegal for that type of organization to do so. Even though he claims he knew nothing of the scandal, he was still the contact person, which makes him the responsible party. Imagine Ken Lay telling the world ‘I’m not a party to what just happened’ (though admittedly on a much larger scale than this), then you’ll have Derek Fitch. I’m sure Derek meant no harm, but he had to see the commercials, didn’t he? He had to see the Louisiana Justice Fund at the bottom of the screen as they ran images of Royal Alexander, telling us all what a bad guy Royal was, right? He was the contact person, he had to know somebody would be contacting him about it… did he get cold feet? Or as Dan Rather would say, she ‘got the…’ well, let’s get to the winner…

And the winner is….Carla Dartez! Congratulations Carla! You certainly deserve the Chucky Award for your “Talk to you later, Buckwheat” comment. Not only did you insult a campaign worker, you insulted an entire race, embarrassed the state, made national television when Hannity And Colmes talked about your racist comments, created an open invitation for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to portray Louisiana as a racist state.

Carla could easily be a perennial candidate for the Chucky Award as this isn’t the first time she showed off that monkey sized brain of hers. Now Carla, unlike the police, we here at Louisiana Conservative know who you are and we think much more of you than just another drunken driver. Yes, that officer was clearly in the wrong. He should have never given a legislature a ticket, no matter what they did. We should give all elected officials the benefit of the doubt and never hold them accountable no matter what they do, right? Or is it just special ones in the Louisiana legislature?

And we know Carla’s no racist, how could she be, her husband employs illegal aliens. But if that wasn’t enough, in 2002, while singing the National Anthem, she um…forgot the words… and on June 14, 2006, during a Judiciary committee meeting, she gave us some gems to remember her by. She talked about being “…a true trailer girl” and a “levee rat”. She told us about her B-12 shot (for weight loss) and then her long ride home to Morgan City, as if we needed another hyped up legislator hitting the interstate… especially since Foster Campbell did it and then decides to run for Governor.

She closes out that meeting with these classic lines befitting any legislator with aspirations of higher office. “Whatevah” and “Was I speaking intelligently enough?”. We here at Louisiana Conservative really do wish Carla Dartez the best of luck in her re-election this weekend. We need you folks in Morgan City to re-elect her so we can always have a candidate for the Chucky Award!

I would like to thank all of you for submitting your nominations in for the Chucky Award and there was just too many to get to. If you would like to nominate somebody for the Chucky Award, please submit it too jeffblanco @ [no spaces] and please put “CHUCKY AWARD” in the subject line.

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I would like to nominate Erich Ponti for a chucky award. He bought some property out from under Catholic High. Ponti then sold it to Catholic for $220,000 more than what he paid, in just a 50 day timeframe. If you are going to run for public office, you probably shouldn't make money on a private school.

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