The Condescending Racism

October 16, 2014

By Jeff Blanco

There’s a story that should have broken in the Main Stream Media by now. The accusations clearly point to murder of a peaceful civilian by an on-duty police officer. Note that I stated accusations, not evidence. I wasn’t there and I do want all the facts to come out first because what is a priority here is that justice is served, not a guilty verdict. I will revisit this issue in a minute, but first, let’s talk about racism for a minute. Let’s talk about the condescending racism that constantly reiterates to minorities that they are inferior to whites, how whites just are better than minorities and therefor are “privileged”.

We could talk about how minorities are expected to be “Black” or be “Latino”, or be some stereo type. That when a minority dares step out of that box of what therocky-ford-jpegy are supposed to be because of the color of their skin that it qualifies them as a “sell out”.

We could talk about Raven Symone going on Oprah and telling the world the way she is and they way we all ought to be. Instead of agreeing with Raven and putting a punctuation mark on what she said, Oprah chose to point out that Raven will get “some flak for that”.  Oprah seemed quite appalled that an individual was proud to be an individual and not to be  pigeon holed because of her race. In fact, Oprah seemed to give Raven a chance to back track, but to her credit, Raven stood strong on taking the right stand, not the politically correct stand. Perhaps Oprah can go to a sensitivity class and learn that being proud of your heritage and background is one thing, but color of skin does not define who you are. Kudos to Raven, there are certainly a lot more people that think like she does.

And then there is Jesse Jackson, who waited until after the Liberian Ebola patient in Dallas to die before he started making this an issue about race. Did Jesse Jackson care if other people got the Ebola disease, or was he more interested in getting his name in the news? But if other people got Ebola because Thomas Eric Duncan, would Jesse Jackson be equally concerned about their treatment, or would he instead be looking at the people’s color of skin first?  While Jesse Jackson wonders if there was racism at play here and he’s busy preparing his statements for his next press conference, there are two women who now have the Ebola virus because they were doing something the rest of use weren’t doing, and that is this, doing something useful to actually help a dying man.

And OH MY GOD, can we just get over it already? Yes, we get it, Obama is black, get over it already. It’s completely irrelevant, that is, unless of course you are a racist. I really wish people would quit looking at criticism of Obama as if it is so appalling to criticize a man who happens to be black. He’s a person just like the rest of us, and really he’s no different than the rest of us, save that he’s the President of the United States and has some screwy policies and even crazier ideas. I mean, really, do you really think that people are really alright with the possibility of Ebola making it’s way up through Mexico, being spread there by a wacko terrorist anxious to do Allah’s bidding or by some desperado from Liberia who is taking desperate measures to get into the U.S., accessing the one area that we have wide open, and spreading that disease to countless immigrants. If you’re still stuck in the 1950s and are seeing things through the color of skin, then obviously opposition to our immigration policy couldn’t possibly be about what isn’t known, but instead all about the President’s skin color.

When a person is a racist, they make issues out of a person’s race, instead of keeping race out of the issue. Which brings me to Ferguson, Mo., in which riots are still going on and the Main Stream Media keeps stirring those emotions of race. It’s the hot topic of the day, in which you can show all your friends how racist you are not by talking down about racism, while looking at the Ferguson police shooting all about race. Sure there’s the concerns about police brutality, but let’s be honest, if the victim of the shooting was white and the officer was not white, would the Main Stream Media be pushing this story as much? What if both the victim and the shooter were white? Does it even matter the color of skin? What’s right is right regardless of the color of skin, and if there is wrong doing on the police officer’s account than there should be proper disciplinary actions.

So you think the media doesn’t keep racism alive, selling us racism to gobble up, and everybody is really concerned about police brutality? So what if I told you a police officer apparently walked into a man’s house and shot him twice in the back, then pepper sprayed him in the face in front of his mother and then handcuffed his fiancee who was expecting? If it’s not about race and instead is concern about police brutality, then certainly everybody should be talking about this, wouldn’t they?

But that’s exactly the accusation coming out of Rocky Ford, Colorado, and at last check, still no Main Stream Media has picked up on it. Yes, the local news has picked up, but nothing national.  And while I do want justice served, I want the correct actions taken, not a verdict of guilt or innocence rooted in some antiquated thinking of race biased.
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