The Criminal Complaint Against Mayor Kip Holden Made Public

March 1, 2012

Three and a half years ago, we at Louisiana Conservative told our readers what we believe they should know as taxpayers and voters. Most importantly, we thought the Baton Rouge public should be aware that their Mayor was using Baton Rouge police officers to protect him while he stayed out late at night drinking heavily and sleeping with married women.

What we did not expect was the Baton Rouge media to ignore the story. Furthermore, we did not expect to be approached by so many people who had more to tell, nor did we expect the allegations against Kip Holden to be as severe as they have become.

Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden

We recently wrote an article entitled “Open Letter to the Baton Rouge Media,” with hopes that the local media would get off their tush and start reporting on what the Mayor has been doing at the cost of the taxpayers. Perhaps The Capital Area Transit System (CATS) is too much of a money racket and the people who run this city don’t want you to know how wide spread the abuse of tax dollars goes – at least not until they finally force feed you the CATS tax increase, and you’re too poor to do anything about it.

Regardless of whatever reason, can you honestly say that the Baton Rouge media is trustworthy when they let a story like this slip through their fingers? We’ve waited for them to pick this up, but this affidavit has made its rounds into some inner circles such as Holden’s administration, Holden’s attorney (Mary Olive Pierson) and other areas. We will not sit on this affidavit any longer.

Makes one wonder what else is being hidden from the people of Baton Rouge?

Click Here for the Criminal Affidavit

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