The Day Katrina Can End

January 24, 2010

February 7, 2010 can possibly be the day that the days of Hurricane Katrina finally ends. It’s the most important day in New Orleans history. Finally. No politician could rebuild the city. It was an act of God that hit the city and now the city of New Orleans have turned to a man of God, Drew Brees. Yes, the Saint, and the other Saints.
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In order to put an end to Hurricane Katrina, they had to go through Brett Favre who has two Superbowl appearances under his belt and he grew up in the Hurricane hit Gulf coast. They have to go to the land where the Hurricanes play – Miami – and win against another New Orleans hometown hero Peyton Manning, whose father played for the Saints, and no Saints fan doesn’t know the name of Archie Manning.

It’s as if on August 29th, God ripped a hole through the ceiling of the Superdome and realized that there was a team that plays there, and he took them under his wing.

It’s certainly seems like a team of destiny. Down 21-3 in Miami, the Saints came out in the second half to win the game. Against the Redskins, a Washington interception somehow turned into a touchdown for the Saints, a field goal that would put the win away for the Skins was missed, and a Saint fan somehow became the unofficial mascot.

On the first play from scrimmage against Arizona in the playoffs and 70 yards later, Arizona led 7-0. On the first drive against Minnesota, the Vikings led 7-0. Saints fans everywhere saw the season flash before their eyes. The Saints kept overcoming and conquering. Let’s not forget that this has been an especially cold football year, which might just be an indication that hell has frozen over.

Add a bit more, 3 years ago, the Saints had their rendevous with the Colts in Miami delayed because the Chicago Bears stood in their way. Now they finally get their chance, this time, they are going to be the sentimental favorites.

The Saints can do more for the city of New Orleans with a victory. A city that has what seems to be a nightly murder count, that corruption has left in ruins, and has politicians that seem satisfied in in spreading poverty as much as possible. The people have something to believe in once again. The satisfaction of winning a Superbowl will fill the next year with much needed joy in the New Orleans, and the misery of a Superbowl loss is unbearable.

The Saints can’t come this far for the City of New Orleans and not finish the job. The city of New Orleans believes again, the whole state believes again, Finish Strong.


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