The Divinity of Rights

March 26, 2008

“When in the course of human events…””…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,…”

It has been called to my attention that some people don’t know where our Rights come from. Perhaps you’re one of them, maybe your answer is the Constitution, maybe you thought it was in the Bill of Rights, but Human Rights existed long before the first government recognized the divine Rights.

Certain Rights are inalienable, not granted by Governments or Constitutions, but because necessity has always dictated that those Rights be so. Some Rights have enemies within the people, some supporting that men be left as defenseless as possible, or some so extreme as to have the desire to abolish hunting, but it is not our place to deny a man the tools he deems necessary to feed his family or even the basic Right of protecting his family.

It matters very little to me what tools he chooses to defend his family, it’s not between the government and myself to decide for him, it’s between him and his family. It only matters when he misuses those tools and becomes a threat to the rest of us, and in those events, I to have the Right to defend my family, and my Right to bear arms ensures that crazy Joe down the street skips my house when he finally flips out.

To depend on the Government to defend your family is absurd. Before the police even responds a crime must have been committed, and we do not have the Right to expect other people to defend us. Governments aren’t instituted to grant Rights, Governments are instituted to secure those Rights.

But I digress, the point I’m making is that Rights are innate and necessary for men to survive, and when men ignore the divinity of Rights, they invite their own self destruction.

When we ignore self evident truths, we become deaf, dumb, blind, or defense attorneys. One of those self evident truths is that Rights come from God, that if they came from anywhere else, they’d be privileges. Rights are eternal, privileges last only as long as something else decides to grant them, ie., when men change the Constitution those Rights become privileges and can be taken away with a stroke of a pen. But regardless or what Constitutions may say, or what government one lives under, those Rights still exist. Governments can not grant Rights, only infringe on them.

By denying that Rights come from God, we undermine the value of what true Rights are. If Rights came from anywhere other than God himself, then those said rights become mere privileges. By laying claim to false Rights, we also undermine the value of Rights, muddying the waters of what Rights are, and our understanding what Rights are. We forgot to teach other that Rights come from God, an extremely important part of freedom.

Since Rights come from God, and because God created us all equally, then those Rights belong to every human being across the world, in many places Rights are being denied. I wanted each of you to remember that Rights come from God, and this is something we should pass on to each other every once in a while. It’s a self evident truth, even when they disagree, most will realize how Right that is. It’s a self evident truth, and being self evident, they can only deny it for so long. But if it’s never said, it’s never heard. Rights are divine – Don’t keep it a secret.

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You are correct, and this is an issue that must be continually brought to attention. The Founding Fathers recognized these rights pre-existed any government, and knew it was necessary to clarify that true human rights are based in God; and authority higher than government. People today need to avail themselves of the documents and arguments surrounding the founding of the nation: it would bring a simple end to many of the political argument going on today. This is why in those discussions it was made clear that when any Government (ANY government, including the proposed new American government) began to abridge or deny the people's rights, then the people had not only a right but a duty to oppose that government, "by any means necessary". This included taking up arms against that government in defense of the rights of the people being denied, when all other avenues failed. This was the basis for the Second Amendment, the prohibition of the government to abridge or infringe on the right to keep and bear arms. The second amendment was never about hunting. It was not even about the citizen's ability to protect himself from lawless fellow citizens. The Second Amendment was about the citizen's right to take up arms against a despotic government, including the new US government. It would be well to keep this in mind as we discuss the issue of rights, particularly the Second Amendment. The INTENT of the 2nd Amendment was to provide access of the general public to the current state-of-the-art military weaponry, in order that they might be prepared to defend themselves against their own government: it was intended to provoke caution in the Government, lest they presume to impose the will of the Government on the governed. This is why my 2nd amendment arguments begin with the statement that every law related to fierarms passed or proposed since the 2nd amendment is unconstitutional: the National Firearms Act of 1934(restricting automatic weapons & explosives); the Gun Control Act of 1964 (restricting access to interstate purchase, and establishing the BATF and restrictive licensing of dealers); and the Brady Bill ban on certain types of firearms, ammunition, and magazines under Bill Clinton. God has granted man the right to Liberty, and the right (and duty) to defend it, by means of arms, if necessary. And as this right to Liberty is universal, extending to all men, the duty is also universal: we have a duty to take up arms in defense of the liberty of men, regardless of where they live.


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