The End of The GOP

May 29, 2011

2008 was the story of epic primary battles, on one side of the aisle a fresh face, a man described by then Senator Joe Biden as a “clean, articulate black-man” was challenging the “inevitable” next President of the United States, Hillary Clinton while on the other side of the political spectrum an assortment of Governors, Congressmen, Senators, and even a Mayor vied for the Republican nomination. While we all know the dramatic upset that came about on the Democratic side, the more important case study was the results of the GOP contest. Early conservative-speculators swooned over the hero of 9/11, Rudy Giuliani while many other anticipated the entry of Senator Fred Thompson into the race but the mainstream-media was abuzz about their personal darling, John McCain. The media really drove this battle, talking up his willingness to be “reasonable” and work across party lines. The mainstreamers vocalized their opinions about how different McCain would be then Bush, how he wouldn’t be so hard headed and boorish. Ultimately the media drove those registered as independent to the polls during the Republican Party’s open primaries resulting in the undermining of true Republicans’ will; this resulted in a weak candidate whom conservatives would not get out to vote for in November ultimately handing over the election to the Bolshevik we now know as Barack Obama. We, in the Republican Party, face this challenge yet again.

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In 2012 Barrack Obama will not face a serious challenger in the primaries; that in combination with the media’s obsession with moderating the Republican Party is a cocktail destined for disaster for Republicans next year. The independents not facing a decision of whether to vote in the Democratic or Republican Primary will result in even greater dilution of true conservative influence in this incredibly important election! It is for this reason the Republican Party must change its policy on allowing open primaries. If we are to remain a viable party with distinct differences from our counterpart on the other side of the aisle we must purify the process eliminating those who are not loyal to the cause. It is only this way that our party can remain viable and only this way that we can truly bring this Nation back to its Constitutional roots in 2013 and beyond! The media has already begun trying to select our candidate; they lobbied for Mitch Daniels, but ultimately his wife could not get behind a run. While their first choice failed they will try again.

It is now, more than ever before, that a true Reagan Conservative be elected; Obama and the Democrats have done so much damage that we can no longer accept symbolic gestures that at the end of the day don’t make any real change. We need someone with the intestinal fortitude to make the hard decisions, take the media criticism, and the drop in approval rating to save this great land from economic and political demise. We must not only eradicate Obama-care, but we must also; transform social security and Medicare into viable institutions, strengthen the border with Mexico, regain our military supremacy, balance the budget and abolish the deficit, reaffirm our support to our allies, and set forth a path to gain energy independence. These are all essential duties that must be carried out by the next President of These United States if we are to survive as a free people; and this is too great of a task for just the average man to accomplish. This is why it is pertinent that the Republican Party push for a closed primary nationwide now before 2012 arrives.


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