The First Debate

May 8, 2011

What a debate!

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Look at how neglectful I have been to my writing duties here. I apologize to all of my readers; being 19 years of age, there’s about 50 different things going on at once and unfortunately, with Finals coming up, the writing took the hit. This week is the end of the semester, and after I re-regulate my work schedule I assure all of you I’ll get busy around here again.

So we had a Republican Debate, hosted by Fox News. It was clearly an opportunity for some of the more obscure Candidates to step into the spotlight and try to break into the top tier of candidacy. Herman Cain and Rick Santorum did this quite well; regrettably, Mr. Cain and Tim Pawlenty are the only ones I have a more approving opinion of than beforehand. I was thrilled to hear of Herman Cain’s support of the Fair Tax. Mr. Cain spoke honestly and plainly, and I think that he was the true winner of the affair. His speaking is direct yet quaint and restrained, and I feel that it speaks much for his character. Rick seemed boisterous and overconfident; Ron Paul seemed radical and Tea Partyish (no coincidence there), and Gary Johnson seemed…effiminate?

I was, as was everyone else, disappointed that none of the premier candidates took the occasion seriously enough to attend. I think that they lost invaluable exposure and now have to face off with at least two more significant candidates. I suppose that, since this is still the exploratory stage, that none really had a commitment to attend; however, when June rolls around and we have more clear decisions by people like Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, ‘Madame Speaker’ Michelle Bachmann and Donald Trump, we the media can begin to hold it to them to take their candidacy seriously and attend every debate and every major event around.

This is the most open the Republican field has ever been. It’s hard to look at a map and start coloring states to who will win where automatically. That being said, it’s safe to assume that Mitt Romney will hold the West, especially Utah, and Massachusetts; Mike Huckabee will carry most of the south into the Great Lakes Region. Newt will try to capture California and the Mid-Atlantic region, Bachmann the northwest, and everybody can bloody themselves fistfighting over New England. I am eager to see new poll numbers regarding Herman Cain; I’m willing to bet that he has broken into the Top 5 in poll numbers. If my beloved Mike Huckabee doesn’t fight the good fight this time around, I certainly have a strong #2 pick.

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