The “Fiscal Hawks” hit some unexpected opposition to Louisiana budget reform

May 2, 2013

by Mark Parham

May 3rd 2013


Apparently it looks like the “Tea Party of Louisiana” is going to war with the Fiscal Hawks of the House over their proposed budget reform on behalf of Gov. Jindal. Their beef is over the temporary suspension of a percentage of tax credits and the TP of LA has gone as far as calling the Hawks big spenders and RINO’S.  Perhaps the TP of LA needs to re-read their own mission statement.

TPoL Mission Statement


The Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL) is dedicated to returning America to a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people…” as enshrined in principle in the Declaration of Independence and codified in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I think that includes our governments being fiscally responsible with our tax dollars AND the manner in which they are spent. The Hawks are introducing a bipartisan plan next week that will include all of their budget reform bills in it.  It will have cuts to government and will temporarily suspend a percentage of some tax exemptions. It will spend the non recurring money where the constitution allows and it will also lower the amount of money government can increase in spending to no more that the rate of growth of personal income. It will have no one time money on recurring expenses and will have no contingencies. The Jindal budget has a 500 million dollar hole in it and that much can not be cut in one sweep.  Additionally the budget will be constitutional for the first time in Jindal era. I spoke with Rep. Brett Geymann about the proposals coming up next week and heard exactly what I expected to hear from the passionate conservative I’ve come to know very well over the last few years.

Brett Geymann

“We have to make up a 500 million dollar shortfall. A combination of cuts and tax credits, with budget reform bills for the future along with expenditure limits is very good mix.  I am not crazy about the tax credit part but Gov. Jindal has spent us in to a hole and we have to dig out.  This fixes it. It does not band aid it. It will be said by the administration that this is a tax increase.  I would suggest that it is not and is a reduction in tax expenditure. Bottom line is we can’t keep deficit spending like Gov. Jindal wants. We have to balance the budget and put reforms in place to keep us from going there again. This is what is wrong with government. Tough decisions require backbone.”

These are some of the many exemptions Jindal wanted to eliminate with his tax swap. Where was the TP of LA then? Some of these exemptions have been around since the 1930s.  Some more recently.  Many of them just need to be eliminated altogether .The Hawks proposals are just reducing them by 15%. Perhaps the TP of LA should re-consider where their allegiance lies. With big spender Bobby Jindal or the people that put their faith in an organization that preaches constitutional adherence. Some have said that maybe the Fiscal Hawks are figuring out how to play the game. The game is being played on the Louisiana tax payer by big government Jindal who is continuing the theft of the purse strings from the House. Even more reason budget reform is necessary.


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