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June 29, 2011

I’m sure this won’t add to my roguish profile.

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Firstly, I will readily admit that Fox News is what spurned my desire for politics. What’s more, it’s also my primary news source. Unfortunately, the network has proven itself to be run by liars and hypocrites; there’s nothing “Fair and Balanced” about 80% of it’s coverage, and anyone who thinks differently is victim to a biased marketing ploy, sorry to say. If they were “Fair and Balanced” they’d have ten of Alan Colmes’ type of commentator, not just him to stooge about and harass, they’d stop blindly idolizing the Michelle Bachmann’s and the Sarah Palin’s of the party, and they would stop obsessing about Barack Obama’s every move. I think their whole slogan/marketing ploy of “Fair and Balanced” is insulting when they blatantly eschew the news at every turn.

Firstly, they lied about the RLC in New Orleans, and anyone who was there knows what I’m talking about. Ron Paul marched his Stormtroopers in there for one day (shuttled in on busses no less) to a) plaster his sign across the building, b) harass and intimidate everyone not in their clique, and c) break the straw poll. His teenage punkish Neo-Nazi’s all voted after heckling Herman Cain for making Pro-Israeli statements and marched right back out, only after spending the day taping his signs everywhere in the Hotel. I do not use the phrase “Neo-Nazi” or “Stormtrooper” lightly; their preachings of the “Ron Paul Revolution” is very reminiscent of Germeny in the late 1920’s when Hitler was rising to power. Enter Fox News and their “Fair and Balanced” reporting. “Ron Paul has won another straw poll, showing how wanted he really is in New Orleans.” No, you blithering fools, he isn’t wanted at all. None whatsoever. Everyone not in his National Socialist hangout club despised him and the tactics his supporters employed, but count on “Fair and Balanced” reporting to not expose that.

As aforementioned, they have a nasty habit or worshiping the ground that Michelle Bachmann walks on. You see, MSNBC and CNN make it difficult for them to ignore these nonsensical factual errors that the woman makes; they just spend entire days of programming repeating that “the American people clearly do not care about this silly little mistakes, we all recognize her as an able leader to beat Obama”. Of course, the “Fair and Balanced” came in when they picked the most incompetent liberal feminist to rightly point out that Michelle Bachmann is taking no scrutiny that wasn’t dished out to Hillary Clinton for a decade. Naturally, the Fox News anchor’s laughed it off as absurd. Wrong again, Mr. “We Report, you decide” network!

On to their coverage of the President himself. See, they don’t dislike him; they passionately hate him. Personally. How is this revealed, you may ask? In the way they spend every hour of every day grasping for straws to demean and belittle him and his every move. So he’s been a bad President, fair enough. I don’t think many people disagree that we were better off four years ago than we are now as far as direction is concerned. I don’t approve of his job quality any more than anyone else does, but I also won’t reuse a spent bullet for weeks on end. How many times have we heard him slandered for a) the “Shuttle Ready” joke, b) refusing to certain programs important to him and the Democratic Party, c) the mission in Libya (that Reagan did 23 years ago, by the way), d) the deficit (the one Reagan tripled, especially after you equate the drop of inflation since the Carter years), e) foreign practices such as returning a bow to the Emperor of Japan, f) playing too much golf, and etc. Where does this ridiculousness end?

Lastly, why are they so scared of Jon Stewart? They cannot come to terms with the fact that he is much more appreciated with the youth of the country than anyone on their entire lineup. Never does a week of The O’Reilly Factor go by that Bill (who I otherwise appreciate) doesn’t scream and holler about something Jon said the night before. Get real guys. The Daily Show is a comedy program on Comedy Central. Comedy Central does not intend for you to take it seriously, the producers do not intend for you to take it seriously, Jon Stewart does not intend for you to take it seriously. It’s supposed to be silly and nonsensical and funny. If it’s regular viewers see it for more than parody, that’s their error, but Fox News’ assaults on the man and his television show have become downright pathetic.

I’m not suggesting to you, my readers, to stop watching Fox News; I certainly haven’t myself, mostly because of how pathetic CNN is and how biased MSNBC is. The fact is, Fox News has a very specific, Tea-Party influenced agenda, and it’s radical line of reporting has gotten out of hand. Someone needs to get involved with the network and help the pendulum swing back toward the dreaded Center of the aisle (you know, the evil place where only the most horrible and wimpy Republicans go, according to the Tea Party(s)) and live up to their own hype for balanced, factually-based newscasting.


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