The Gift that is Donald Trump

July 12, 2015

Donald Trump has taken politics by storm. In recent weeks the rambunctious real-estate mogul has surged from a novelty candidate to a leader in national and early primary polls. But, the very reason he caught fire, his blistering rhetoric on illegal immigration, is the very reason that many in the Republican establishment have been stricken with fear that the party will be viewed as bigoted and therefore lose votes next November. This view, taken by many Republicans, is short sighted because it misses the very real gift that this celebrity has given their party; a real shot at winning in 2016.

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Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that trump is the next Reagan who will capture the party’s nomination and march on to give the Democrats a thorough whooping in the general. No, that would be naive. Trump will be the tool that focuses our party on the issue that our base of voters are interested in and will take the media heat off of our best candidates including whichever one ultimately is selected as the party’s banner holder.

The last two election cycles we have suffered embarrassing defeats at the hands of a rank amateur. In 2008 Obama was a four year senate freshman who never held a real job and had no expertise on any issues on importance and by 2012 the man was loathed by a majority of the population and had just two years earlier been rebuked nationwide by the TEA Party revolution. The reason we lost those races was threefold. The first two are well known; Obama caused a surge of voters who typically were apathetic and the media fell in love and therefore never said a negative thing about him. The last reason, and one that the establishment seems to be oblivious to, is that neither republican contender inspired the republican based to get out in force. Palin stimulated conservatives for a time but then McCain spent the weeks leading to the election following the market crises refusing to campaign and stating that Obama had all the right solutions to the problem thereby squelching all enthusiasm that had built up. Romney never inspired the party and as a result 40 million evangelical conservatives stayed home in 2012.

Trump has taken what started out as a pretty boring campaign and turned it upside down. None of the candidates prior to Trump were catching widespread support. The reason for this is that none of the candidate were hitting on the wedge issue that would stir Trumps followers. Bush was running as the stable, electable candidate, Cruz was reading Green Eggs and Ham, and Santorum was nowhere to be found. Trump brought illegal immigration into the forefront of the campaign as a pivotal issue that the party’s base can use to get out the vote come November of next year. The Democrats and media (is there really a difference?) were, predictably, quick to demonize the television star for his comments putting them on record, in the minds of the conservative voters if not in real life, as supporting illegal immigrants in their efforts to undermine our nation’s border security. These statements will make for fantastic television spots come late October when it is necessary to rally the troops, they’ll just have to be deployed strategically to not also encourage the democratic base to get out.

The second area that Trump is contributing towards a Republican victory in 2016 is that he is taking the heat off of the eventual standard bearer. The media has made it a custom to find any conservative running for office and make every attempt to smother them in the crib before they grow to be a threat to the progressive agenda. Santorum was the whipping boy throughout his tenure in the senate being marked as a radical evangelical and Cruz spent the last few years being labeled a TEA Party fanatic up until Trump stole the spotlight. This will be a blessing in disguise for the eventual conservative Jeb alternative. Trump’s unfiltered comments are being interpreted into racist diatribes worthy of condemnation. By setting Trump up as the boogeyman all other candidates, the ones that would ordinarily be in the crosshairs if the media weren’t distracted, are left to seem sane by contrast when they make well-reasoned, responsible arguments against the invasion of our southern border. The media and the democrats have unwittingly given the republican base the opportunity they needed to rally around a true conservative who will still be viable come the end of the primary process.

Trump will not be the Republican nominee next year. His background is only just beginning to be made public and once his current crop of supporters come to terms with the fact that he has praised both Hillary and Obama, been registered as a democrat in the past, and has not been consistent on any number of issues which are important to the GOP most will abandon him in favor of another, this time true, conservative. It will be similar to 2012 where conservative voters jumped form Bachmann, to Cain, to Santorum in search of their anti-establishment winner. But just as each of these alternatives began to catch on the media crucified him before the Iowa caucuses leaving Romney as the only one left unscathed and thus making him the only viable option. This time will be different. As I already stated, Trump will lose his supporters but it will take longer. His personality nor his ego will not allow him to retreat when he comes under fire and his pockets are deep enough to maintain a viable campaign once donations dry up keeping an umbrella of protection from the barbs of the media over Jeb’s contestants who will be using a more refined version of Trump’s own talking points to gather up the billionaire’s former supporters.

No one sees it yet, but 2016 will be the year that the Reagan revolution returns and the GOP is wrenched from the death grip of the establishment and we can all thank Donald Trump for making it happen.


C. Ann C.
C. Ann C.

I don't think I can agree with this made up analogy you wrote.  Regardless of what you stated that "Trump praised both Hillary and Obama" (which I can't recall when he ever praised obama) he went right after obama's birth certificate soon after taking over the Oval Office, if you don't recall that.  He was labeled by the O's administration then as a "birther", and he demanded that O's birth certificate be made public.  When they decided to post it up on the WH website, more of the conspiracies unfolded as it appeared faked and not an actual birth certificate but a "Certificate of Birth" (COB); Trump opened another "can of whoop-ass" from that.  And I think he's going to be proven right about that as he was proven right about speaking out about the illegal immigration issue.  He's holding steadfast to it as he brings in families that lost their loved ones (2 sons) to illegal immigrants (I'm going to use "illegal aliens" and get off the PC diatribe), as it was proven in the murdering of Kate Steinle recently by an illegal alien who had no forethought but to murder an innocent, beautiful woman that died in the arms of her father on a pier where she was shot.  More parents and loved ones of theirs came out in public on the Hannity televised show, and then Donald brought in two more at his rally visit in LA.  

Then you paint a picture of him being set up as the  "boogeyman" for the other candidates to move on ahead for the nomination?  You just wiped him off your list for that demented scenario!  Romney was a Democrat, too, until he ran against Obama, and even if that was a reason why the "40 million evangelical conservatives stayed home in 2012", then they were the reason why Obama won. I didn't choose Romney as my candidate then but I supported his efforts once he got the Primary and I kept telling people that we can deal with 4 years of Romney but not another 4 of Obama.  Well, they didn't listen because they thought he'd bring in his "Romney-care", too; but I thought otherwise.  Well that's over. 

But now we have a "Trump" card and you just bet against it and made others believe you will be right.  So, he was a Democrat once too, who cares?!  Maybe once we all were, during the JFK years if you recall that. Reagan was once a communist, if you don't have that in your historical records, better check on it.  

I think Trump is a breath of fresh air that we've been looking for in a President and if it takes the lot of us to give him that break we need, then so be it, we will keep on track to move him to the forefront to get him nominated.  The democrats, and yes the medias, too, are scared of Trump because of his relentless stance on the illegal alien issue and his steadfastness of not relenting into the liberal leftists Marxisms.  And they know that and it angers them and its scaring them at the same time.  If that is what he is doing to our opponent of the left, then so be it, let him continue onward to beat them at their "game" and get this whole thing turned around for our side for once to take them all out of our lives....."we don't need no socialists in the White House" as one might say, and I'm rootin' for Donald Trump to get us all out of this rut we are in and back to being "great again"!!!

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