The Global Warming SCAM!!!

August 25, 2011

By Leon Puissegur

I see that Governor Rick Perry says that Global Warming is a false idea that needs to be excluded from any further talks. I understand this very well, having communicated with very high and well known people that can show without a doubt that this is the biggest scam to have hit the world in a long time. The people I speak to and discuss this with include; Former advisor to Margaret Thatcher, Lord Monckton, of whom I have spoken to face to face by skype, Professor Nils-Axel Morner, the world leader on Sea Level research, and several other lesser known researchers and scientist. Having discussed this with them, I find that the entire idea of Global Warming is a huge scam that is being used by people like Al Gore, Maurice Strong and yes, even Barak Hussein Obama our president!

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Now allow me to show some very good examples that show without a doubt the huge scam known as Global Warming! First and foremost the very idea of “Global Warming dates back to Al Gores’ college days when his professor Roger Revelle taught Al Gore about the “alleged” global warming being caused by the burning of the so called fossil fuels. This of course was written out in a paper by another man also associated with Roger Revelle by the name of David Keeling who in 1958 devised a way to measure Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere and went on to write a paper linking the burning of fossil fuels to an increase of Carbon Dioxide, but one MUST remember that before 1958 no one could determine how much Carbon Dioxide was in the air so these conclusions were based upon the very recent way they could determine what was in the air.

Now let us forward to the 1960’s to when another individual of whom will become the most well known person concerning global warming. That individual is none other then Canadian born United Nations bureaucrat, Maurice Strong became involved and Maurice Strong was looking for a cause to develop the one-world government he wanted and global warming fit his ideals nearly perfectly. Maurice Strong gathered people together in 1970 in Stockholm, Sweden where he organized the World Earth Day event. It was from this meeting that Maurice Strong gathered a group of scientists, environmentalists, and political people from the United Nations. Strong also developed a concept that the United Nations could demand payments from advanced nations due to their use of fossil fuels and the amount of Carbon Dioxide being produced by them. This would be done by charging a TAX upon those nations and companies which produced more Carbon Dioxide then they were allotted! Strong also made sure that the United Nations had a group of “select” scientists, environmentalists, and politicians that would later be called the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, (UNIPCC) better known as the IPCC.

As has been found out since then, the IPCC has not produced true scientific data and they actually produced data that had many parts eliminated that would have proven the opposite of their findings that Carbon Dioxide was the problem and had to be reduced by having Taxes placed upon the output of Carbon Dioxide by the advanced nations. What does this really mean? In a nutshell, it would have created a tax based upon the amount of Carbon Dioxide that was produced above a number given to the company that was producing the Carbon Dioxide. If company “A” produced 10 tons of Carbon Dioxide and they were only supposed to produce 8 tons, they would have to pay a tax on the two tons they went over their allotment. The problem here is that it was only done on paper and it showed that they paid a tax for producing two tons more then allotted! Note here that NONE of the Carbon Dioxide produced would have been capped, canned, or anything else, it would just collect the money and allow the extra two tons to be produced.

Now why bring Al Gore into this? In a book, “Earth in the Balance” by Al Gore, Gore glorified his professor, Dr. Roger Revelle for teaching him about the affects of this terrible global warming. But in 1991, Revelle teamed up with Chauncey Starr, the director of Electric Power Research and the first director of the U.S. Weather Satellite Service, where he urged the nations NOT to move too fast on the idea of Carbon Dioxide being the reason for global warming before more research is done. It was stated in an article by John Coleman that he, Coleman was, “..assured that Revelle was considerably more certain than he was at the time that Carbon Dioxide was not a problem.” Of course we know that Al Gore is still dead set about this global warming scam. Al Gore makes some statements about the loss of Polar Bears when studies show the Polar bear population has increased by almost 5 fold! I must mention now that Al Gore has a lot of money tied to the hope of making global warming a huge problem and he had run a company that actually did charge taxes in California for companies that produced more Carbon Dioxide then they were allowed.

I personally sought out one Professor in particular since he was the leading man in the world that has actually conducted studies for many years on Sea Level and to my astonishment, he was more then happy to discuss with me the real truth about Sea Levels and this wasted scam of global warming. Many should remember the claims of Al Gore and many others about their dire warnings of the Sea Levels going as high as 27 feet above what we now have, let me correct that, 27 feet higher then when they first began their dire predictions. I contacted several people about this and all directed me to one Nils-Axel Morner, a world leader on Sea Levels. I contacted Professor Morner and he clearly laid out what was really going to happen during the next 100 years and it was nothing like what Al Gore and others proclaimed. Professor Morner told me in my interview that, “Sea Levels of 27 feet was completely out of the question.” I then asked him what if any rise in Sea Levels could be expected in the next 100 years and Professor Morner clearly stated, “A possible sea level rise by year 2100 of +10cm(4 inches) to –10cm(4 inches). Personally, I, (Professor Morner), have revised this figure at +5cm to +15cm by 2100” This means that by Professor Morner’s predictions, we could expect the Sea Levels to rise, Maybe, from 2 inches to 6 inches by the year 2100! This is a far cry from 27 feet!!

Let me close with this, I have also spoken with and discussed this with Lord Monckton from England, he was the former advisor to Margaret Thatcher. When I asked Lord Monckton about all this discussion about the global warming, he simply stated it was a very huge scam that was begun by people that never dreamed of anything except money for their own purpose. Lord Monckton went on to describe different projects and observations that concluded global warming is about as real as the Starship Enterprise. I know many people will dispute this even though recent NASA satellite observations show that the heat around the Earth is being dispersed out into space which totally destroys any idea of Carbon Dioxide or any other gas holding the heat in! I can say that the biggest fear is a cloud cover of water vapor since water vapor holds more heat in then any other form of gas! It is NOT Carbon Dioxide!!!

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