The Glory Days Are Over! Thank, God!!

March 12, 2007

Politicians in Congress often propose legislation that never sees the light of day. Given I believe that “gridlock” is a good thing, for no other reason than “if nothing is coming out, then none of it can be bad”, a few exercises in futility is not so bad. Perhaps it will even provide practice for when a really good idea pops into their heads.

Given the number of tries our less tenured representatives have committed to, compared to the number of tries made by the seasoned Jim McCrery, one has to wonder of the balance between passion and maturity and when too much of either is a bad thing.

According to Thomas Langston of Tulane, Louisiana has suffered from the resignations and retirements of key lawmakers. Granted, with time comes seniority and control of key committees, but it is that same control that cuts in the other direction when it is the opposition controlling those committees, as is the case with Charles Rangel now in control of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. It is this stagnation that screams for term limits.

Mr. Langston feels that with the loss of the “old timers” Louisiana has been struggling with “realignment”. I see it more the case of struggling to break a death grip that Democrats have held for far too long, and with Bobby Jindal as Governor, Louisiana will make great strides in loosening that death grip.

The Tulane professor goes on to say that the glory days of Breaux and Johnston are over. Thank, God. This State simply cannot handle much more that Good Ole Boy Glory.


Sidebar: Heading out for the “Big Easy” this morning on business. I will be making efforts to cruise some of the city to see how progress is moving forward. Maybe a few photos will help.


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