The GOP Was Right, And So Was Michelle

January 19, 2010

I have been meaning to write this for some time. I’ve had the title worked out in my head, I knew what I wanted to say, I just haven’t ever taken the time to sit down and write it. The GOP tried to warn us, and so did Michelle Obama. Fortunately for the Republican party, the Democrats didn’t listen.

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I mean to say, look at how the fortunes of the GOP have suddenly changed. John McCain is no longer a leader of the GOP, though I’m sure he wishes he were. Let’s be honest, the better campaigner won the election. Not to say that I think Obama would have been a better President, I do think McCain would have been a better President, but not much better. The people of the United States aren’t stupid for who they voted for, the American people always do choose the better campaigner. We might not always like the choice the American public makes, but then again, we aren’t always giving them good options.

John McCain’s fortune’s changed because of Al Gore. He became the GOP front runner when Al Gore and George Bush went neck and neck and into overtime. Many of McCainites only solidified their support saying to theirselves “If we had nominated McCain, we wouldn’t have this problem.” and maybe they would have been right, but John McCain would have still been a terrible President. Who knows, if John McCain had won the GOP nomination, perhaps Al Gore would have won the Presidency and Obama’s radical agenda would never have seen the light of day. Hindsight is always 20/20, and since it didn’t happen that way, there’s really no point in reflecting on it. In fact, any number of things could have happened to change America. George Bush could have been a much better President. If 9-11 would never have happened, perhaps President Bush would have been a much better domestic leader, and Democrats wouldn’t have been such hate filled people… for the most part, but things ended up the way they have.

Democrats over filled with hatred for Bush, didn’t look at the Democrat candidates for who they were, just who had the better anti-Bush rhetoric. Republicans, overfilled with hatred for Hillary Clinton, didn’t concern theirselves with who was the best overall candidate, but rather, who they thought could beat Hillary. Maybe we would have had a good conservative President that would have beaten Obama rather than a candidate who was afraid to say anything other than I believe what Obama believes except I’m more of that. John McCain? More like Johnny McCome Lately. But again, I digress. It is what it is.

Fortunately for Republicans all across America, and to the demise of Democrats not just in congress, but in local offices as well, things turned out the way they did. Obama and his radical agenda, followed by thousands of zealots in the Democrat party, are proudly jumping off the cliff with him. It’s as if Jim Jones is reincarnated and he’s telling the entire Democrat party, “Go ahead. Drink. Red is the best flavor.”

I was always disturbed by Sean Hannity’s question, whenever he wasn’t saying the “Stop Hillary, Stop Obama express, why does Obama have these friends. It was a stupid question, well, not stupid, asked stupidly. We all have some friends that are a little off the wall, some more than others, granted, and some are more associates than close friends. We know to keep our distance before they begin to rub off on us, but we remain nice to them. The wrong question is “Why does Obama have these radical friends”, to which the answer can be, “I talked to him in the park one day.” The right question, one Hannity never asked, and obviously, neither did any Democrat, is “Why are all these radicals so impressed with Obama?” That’s what I found so disturbing. It wasn’t that Obama had some kooky friends, but that his kooky friends seemed to adore him.

And the GOP tried to warn us… but so did Michelle Obama

“Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynacism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack never go back to your lives as usual, uninformed, uninvolved.” — Michelle Obama

You might think that isn’t much of a warning, but rest assured, it is. I used to think, like many of you, that apathy is a bad thing. We’ve heard commentators talking about low voter turnout, we’ve had people talk about candidates reviving voter apathy, making them want to turn out, that it was pathetic people didn’t turn out, government was “turning people off”. Whatever their reason, it was a bad thing people didn’t get up and vote, and I used to agree.

That is until I have come to a couple of conclusions on voter turnout. The first is this, if you are going to be stupid concerning our elections, do us all a favor and don’t vote. Maybe I don’t speak for everybody, but I mean, if you do not pay attention to what’s going on, you don’t care, you don’t think, you just vote because you think it’s your civic duty to do so, do use all a favor and don’t vote. It’s not Republican/Democrat that I am talking about, there are some Democrats that I’d rather see go vote than some Republicans who don’t pay attention. People think they have a “civic duty” to vote, but if you have a “civic duty” to vote, don’t you also have a “civic duty” to at least try to understand how what your voting on is going to change our lives? I know when I say things like that, 30,000 politicians feel the need to call a doctor for their chestpains. People thinking for theirselves? Blasphemy. There are Democrats that think about what they are voting for just as there are Republicans who do so, but wouldn’t it just be so much better if the people who voted at least knew the names of the candidates?

But as bad as they may have sounded, at least to politicians who thrive on stupid people voting, I’ve also come to a second conclusion. It’s not that stupid people don’t vote, or that stupid people do vote, but informed people do both. Some people choose to send a message to politicians that niether candidate is satisfactory, and their non vote should send a message to Washington that niether candidate was worth voting for. More importantly, that “apathy” is actually a good thing. That when people are happy, they can care less what government does, so long as government doesn’t interfere with their happiness. Even if they are miserable, if government isn’t causing that misery, they can care less what government’s doing, they’ve got their own problems to solve. It’s when government begins to interfere with people’s pursuit of happiness that people begin to wake and start to pay attention to what government is doing, and right now, Michelle Obama is proving to be prophetic.

When Obama began to put certain policies in motion, people immediately began to take notice. Here’s a guy who wants to make change, here’s a guy who wants to rock the boat, here’s a guy who wants to decide who should get what, to take from those who have earned and give to those who will not earn. The protest began, the tea parties started in motion, people were, and are, paying attention. So what do they do? They insulted the tea party movement with vulgar comments such as tea baggers. For the record, I never saw the big deal about being called a “teabagger”, after all, if I’m a teabagger, who is getting teabagged? And why is it that everytime I think of Keith Olberman now, I think of him smiling with a teabag over each eye? I always thought we should laugh at the liberals because they were so excited over the prospect of being teabagged.

Democrats are funny creatures, they spent eight years tearing down George W. Bush, and spent the last year building him up as a great President. They brought down the GOP and instead of letting the people be happy, proceeded to interfere with people’s lives to the point that they have already revolted against the entire Democrat party. Take Creigh Deeds, John Corzinne, and Martha Coakley, one year ago, they would have been shoe-ins. This year, nothing.

For his first year in the White House, Obama gave the Democrats red magic kool-aid. For his second year, we can only hope that he’s giving the Democrats a bungee cord that’s 45 ft too long and that they keep lining up for the ride. As for me, I’m really beginning to enjoy having Obama as President, this is really turning out to be an overdue pleasure.


In the long run, obama will be the best thing to ever happen. It made people be active. Thank you obama.

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