The Great American Stink Out

October 11, 2011

There are an incalculable amount of reasons to think the Left is stupid, but oh let me count the ways.

Just how long do they think they will last without corporations making a profit? Every single time they are using technology, they aid big corporations in making big profit. Every time they buy a computer, a radio, a television, a cell phone, they help “Big Oil” make a profit. Why? Simple, every thing with plastic comes from oil.
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And if that isn’t enough, Shampoo and soap is made by big evil corporations. Certainly they don’t want to help major corporations make a big profit by using soap and shampoo, do they? When they shower, are they doing it in public or are they taking showers inside of a home or building that used a loan from big evil corporations like a bank? Certainly somebody made a profit.

Profit is not a bad word. Everybody does something to profit. You go to work to put money in your pocket. Subtract your cost of doing business (going to work, etc) from your paycheck and what you have left over is your profit.

People have a tendency to look at their job incorrectly. They think of a job in the terms of slavery, that they have to go to work day after day. The reality is, you don’t have to go to work. You go to work day after day so that you can have a better life. A job is simply a mutual agreement between you and the employer, just as it’s a mutual agreement for you to do business with anybody else. When you shop, you are the employer. When you shell out bucks for a product, you are the boss. If you and the person you are dealing with can not agree on a price for a product or service, then no business transaction is done.

I look at my job in a business sense. I wake up and go to work every day that I’m suppose to. I provide a service for my own personal profit. I don’t just get to make up a price of my worth, I get better at my job to increase my perceived worth. My service includes helping the company be profitable so that I can continue to provide my services to them. It’s really not that hard to figure out.

In my youth, I used to have a friend who thought that his worth was at least $15 an hour, when minimum wage was $3.35 an hour. As far as I knew, he never held a job. In fact, he didn’t want a job. He had this Cat Stevens ideology that working meant he wouldn’t be able to spend time with his children. So, every day he’d wake up at around noon, go down in the basement and play his guitar into the wee hours of the morning. Do you want to guess where his political beliefs were? Oh it’s not that hard, and oh, by the way, DSS came along and took his children away from him. Guess that’s part of that self righteous liberal love they are so critical of others for lacking. And by the way, you paid for his lifestyle since he didn’t have a job. Yes, he collected his welfare check. You, the taxpayer, the same guy who he criticizes for being “uncompassionate”, paid for his lifestyle.

The Left, blinded by their religious-like zealotry of an all powerful government that provides for everybody, simply cannot see their own hypocrisy. Can they not see that it’s hypocritical to complain about people who do pay taxes “not paying their fair share”, while paying nothing in taxes? Certainly 47% of Americans, those that payed no income taxes, have absolutely no business complaining about the 53% who did pay taxes as not “paying their fair share”. When I hear somebody complain about other people “not paying their fair share”, I want them to pull our their tax returns and show us that they did pay something in taxes, or shut the hell up before the government decides that everybody should pay something.

And what can be more greedy than to sit around expecting everybody else to provide for your lifestyle? Do you really expect them to provide for their family and yours? Silly hypocrite, go get a damn job and start contributing to society. Start by giving a “service” to an employer and we can call that “work”. In return, he’ll give you a “profit” that we will call a “paycheck”. It’s a win-win. You help him provide a service to customers who want that product or service to make their lives better. In return, the money that you earned will help you make your life better.

Or you can continue to be part of the greedy and self-righteous movement that demands and attempts to intimidate those that contribute to society, with threats, boycotts, and stinking up until they submit. What you think you deserve, you do not. What they worked for belongs to them. You do not have the Rights to the earnings of another person. You do not have the Right to the fruits of another man’s labor. You do not have the Right to sit around, cracking your whip, demanding that other people work harder so that you can have more of what they have worked for. When you think you do, you share the same mentality of what we call “slave-owners”.

Instead of acting like tiny female dogs, get a damn job, and start contributing back to society, like the real “99%” does.


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