The Hope of the Democratic Party: Ignorance

August 26, 2012

by Mark Parham

From the moment we wake up every morning we are instantly faced with a multitude of choices, however minute they may seem to be. Coffee or no, ham or bacon, jeans or slacks, hair, brushed or a cap, and for some of us older folks that’s an easy choice. A lot of these choices we make without giving it a second thought. Why is it that the one choice we face today, the choice of doing what is best for our nation, is so difficult to make ? What is it that is engrained in the minds of Democrats that they can’t seem to shake? What drives a person to vote for a candidate who does not exemplify their own values?

Being born in the South to a democrat and die hard (private) union member, I recall turning eighteen and the natural thing to do was follow suit and register accordingly. We were always taught that it was the Democrats who worked for the middle class working families. That it was always the Democrats that fought for the less fortunate and had their best interest at heart. In 2008, for the first time in my Father’s life (84 yrs), he voted against his party. He did not want to believe his party had become a party of distrust and corruption. The middle class was always kept in its place by the policies of the Democratic Party with some fortunate few making the leap out.

Time to make some choices for the future of our Nation. The DNC has adopted as their platform a same sex marriage stance as did Pres. Obama back in May. Pro-choice abortion in the name of equal rights. Where’s the right of the child? Immigration reform, ie the push for the Dream Act and while they say they will preserve the 2nd Amendment their true mission is to ban all “tactical deer rifles” and increase the scrutiny during background checks on purchases.   Consider your faith based values when looking at the DNC platform ans ask yourself if this is in line with the tenets of your church. This especially holds true for our local and state politicians. I know of many that are devout Catholics and some even sport a pro-life decal on their vehicles yet still sport a (D) behind their name. At some point the national platform is going to fall on your backs. Regardless of how conservative a democrat might consider himself to be, after the last four years experienced on the national level, it will define who and what you associate yourself with.

The choice is clear. The Democratic Party is relying heavily on the ignorance and dependence of the naive that has been spoon-fed for decades in the hopes you will continue to tow the line. Are you satisfied being associated with a party that has slowly transformed into most Americans worst nightmare? It’s their hope you remain ignorant to what they are doing and what they have already accomplished.


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