The Left, As I See It

April 23, 2011

I don’t want to be like Caroline Fayard and accuse the entire Democrat Party of eating babies nor do I want to expose myself as a hateful petulant child. Nor would I want to be applauded by people that shares hate reminiscent of brown shirts at an antisemitic rally. I do, however, want to point out certain characteristics of the far left. The extremist, not your average Democrat.

Personally I think your average Democrat doesn’t pay enough attention to politics. It’s not that they are stupid, but rather, they are too often caught up with the in and outs of their own lives and must rely on the 5 o’clock news, newspaper headlines, and hearsay from their friends. They get sound bites, not in depth information.

However, the farther on the Left you get, what I find is the people are either bitter, self-centered, or simply greedy. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find a combination of any two or all three, and the more extreme Left, the more likely the combination. In fact, let’s cut to the chase and take a look at the most extreme left winger we have ever had in the White House.

Would you say President Obama is bitter? Would you say he’s bitter? Our own state certainly wouldn’t say Obama is bitter, I mean, just because we didn’t vote for him, he’d never try to punish the state by say, I don’t know.. imposing a drilling moratorium? Oh wait… Well, a supposed Constitutional scholar that he is would obey a judge’s order, right? Well maybe that’s not a good example. Oh wait… if congress cut funding for his Senate replacement, I mean Czars, certainly he would obey… well maybe Obama is just a tad bitter.

Well, Obama certainly isn’t “greedy”. I mean, a greedy man would increase the national debt more than all previous President’s combined in just his first term. Oops. Well certainly he’d understand that he’d need to get spending under control and not be worried so much about taking it from somebody else. Oops. Well he’d never nationalize a private company like some third world dictator. Oops. Well at least he doesn’t try to consolidate power. Well okay, that’s not exactly a good example either, but I’m sure that if we looked hard enough, we’ll see how generous Obama really is.

Is Obama self-centered? I mean, it’s not like he thinks he can tell the President of Egypt he needs to step down… or that he can tell Honduras they need to re-instate Manuel Zelaya, or tell Libya they need a new President while ignoring Christians being burned alive by Muslim radicals in the Ivory Coast. Or that only he, a newly minted Senator can fly to Kenya to solve their crisis, or that it’s so important that he becomes President that he actually campaigns in Germany, or that a lawyer/community organizer knows how the economics works.

I could continue to talk about President Obama, or any number of leaders on the Democrat, but let’s stick to issues. We see these mentalities pop up in any number of issues, such as…

Education – After all it’s important that we invest in their future, their education is just too important. It’s so important to them that taxpayers pay for it, it’s just not important enough to pay for their own education.

Wisconsin protesters – Obviously they make enough money that they can afford to take off from work, drive from all over the country, spend weeks in Wisconsin protesting, and not even give a damn about the thousands of people who are either out of work, or having face slow down at their own jobs and seeing a reduction in pay, either from smaller commissions or from the cutting of labor hours.

Taxes – nearly 45% of Americans don’t pay any income taxes, yet nearly 72% want to see tax increases on the wealthy. At the very minimum there is 17% of Americans who think the wealthy don’t pay their fair share while paying nothing their selves. I’d wager that most of that 45% wants the wealthy to pay more. I wonder how many of these brainiacs who aren’t paying a single dime in income taxes have figured out that the rich are a lot closer to paying “their fair share” than they are. Perhaps it’s bitterness against those who have more than they do, maybe it’s their own greed that they insist other people pick up the tab for them, or maybe they just believe they are too special to pay taxes like most people do.

We could go on with any number of issues, but one thing is certain. The further to the extreme left one is, you can bet that greed, self centered, bitterness or any combination of the three is at their core value.


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