The Liberal Religion of Secular Humanism

November 9, 2012

David Persyn







A Guest Blog by David Persyn

via Leonard Brown


There has been a big discussion on a friend’s FB page post-election, about the Liberal Religion (started by the statement that liberal “Secular Humanism” is a false religion). I posted, here paraphrased: “You’re correct, and we know what is their primary sacrament” and let it hang. One of my other friends named it, but there was a flurry of activity by the Secular Humanists trying to guess what it was before he did. Of course, you don’t have to have much of an imagination to know what was their reaction once he posted the answer: Abortion.

The “liberals” reacted – in the words of a Priest blogger (and personal acquaintance which I’ll presume to call a friend of mine), they had “a spittle-flecked nutty”. Even some of the more small-o orthodox Catholic folks reacted viscerally to that. It’s inflammatory to high degree. They saw it as blasphemy, which is exactly what it is. But the blasphemy isn’t in recognizing the fact, it is in doing, or supporting, the activity. It’s going on whether we recognize it for what it is, or whether we don’t. Pointing it out as what it is is not blasphemy.

So, what makes me (and others) say it is the liberal, Secular Humanist sacrament? Let’s parse.

In the Most Blessed Sacrament of Holy Church, we have a “re-presentation” (the hyphen is important) of the Sacrifice of our Lord on Calvary. One bloody Sacrifice for all time, and an unbloody re-presentation (commemoration) of that Sacrifice for all TIMES (the pluralizing “s” is important). Sacrifice… We don’t hear that word much anymore, but humanity is actually hard-wired for it. Look at the typical depiction of a “Satanic” ritual, and you don’t see them come together to hear a few words preached and then have coffee and donuts in the fellowship hall after. No. They SACRIFICE something or someone. Pagan religions had (have) sacrifices. We humans somehow know that justification – spiritual justice – requires BLOOD or a substitute for blood (like wine). Sin and death are the same thing, and we know that “in our DNA”.

Now, we consider the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (the NEW testament or covenant, which Jesus brought as a replacement, a fulfillment, of the OLD covenant of imperfect animal sacrifice – the “scapegoat”). In this sacrament, we re-present for all times the only possible true path to forgiveness of sins, and that is the pure sacrifice of a spotless, sinless, perfect life, freely laid down to pay the spiritual debt of others. We can JUSTIFY ourselves through this Sacrifice. We are sinners, and we can “cover” or JUSTIFY ourselves by our joining ourselves to that Sacrifice. Cover is a word chosen carefully here, because it is like what we do with bodies. Cover them with earth so the corruption of death is gone from us. Without true “covering”, we seek our own solution. We cover our naked sin with a fig leaf, but we do so in vain.

And what is this “sin” that we cover? There is only ONE sin, at the bottom of all of the horrible things people do. We make ourselves our OWN “God”. We usurp his sovereignty. We make ourselves the “giver of Law”, the ultimate judge(s) of right and wrong – of life and death.

We of Apostolic Faith see the existence of the Universe, the fact of creation, as the inevitable result of Love coming together in Unity. God IS Love, in and of Himself. The persons of the Godhead love so perfectly, that HIS perfect love explodes into the continuous Creation of all that IS. We are truly “God’s children”… we, and the Universe around us, all that is and are – are the only possible result of that Love.

And being “in the image” of that God of perfect Love, when a Man and Woman come together in love, life results. That’s why Marriage is a Sacrament. It is the way in which the continuous act of Creation (divine Love) is re-presented continually in our lives here in Time and Space. It makes tangible for us the unfathomable truth of Love as the source of everything. We are, indeed, wondrously made! This is WHY there can only be Sacrament when that Love is between Man and Woman, because there is no life otherwise. There can be love, yes, but there cannot be life created from any other unity, no matter how great that love.

When we sin (become our own “gods”), we bring disorder to this wonderful creation. We introduce DEATH. Sin and death are not two things, they are one and the same! It’s not an arbitrary rule, it’s the order of our Universe, no different than the physical “laws” that limit the speed of light and cause stars to shine and atoms to spin; quarks to vibrate and molecules to form. Without these laws, nothing exists. When they are violated, chaos and death (the absence of life) result.

We sin in a specific way when we engage in the unitive ACT of love (Sex) without regard (Intent) to the LAW of love (Life). We introduce chaos into our world. We bring DEATH, even when the physical laws that govern our universe result in the creation of life (Pregnancy). Chaos cries out when such a thing happens, and we instinctively want to COVER that sin. So we do what our First Parents did. We hide, we attempt to cover our sin (fig leaves!) and we compound our sin of perverting Divine and Natural Law with the sin of deception. But it fails. Natural law can’t be violated. Divine Law is not mocked. Consequences result every time. Pain, suffering, death. Every time, sooner or later. In this life, but without fail, in eternity, outside of space-time.

When we avail ourselves of the Sacraments, we go through a PROCESS. We avail ourselves of Love which restores life. We truly COVER (remove, not “hide”) those sins. We use the laws of creation to restore order and remove the Chaos. We all instinctively look for that “sacrifice” by which we can cover our sin. And that’s just where Abortion comes in. The destruction of the very life produced by our sin (becoming our own “gods” by willfully simulating the sacrament of Matrimony outside of the true Sacramental union) appears to “cover” the chaos. The consequences appear to be gone. And this, my friends, is why Abortion is REQUIRED for the “religion” of Secular Humanism. It allows those who follow that spiritual path to deceive themselves, become “gods” and “cover” the consequences of their actions and believe there are no further consequences. Innocent blood (their own child’s) has covered their sin. But there is a problem. The true Sacrifice must freely lay down its blameless life, and that happened once and for all, and only once, when God Himself in the person of the Son (his begotten child) laid down his spotless Life. Abortion is counterfeit spiritual currency, and those who are deceived accept this counterfeit Sacrament, practice it, revere it, and defend it as their only hope for “freedom”. Abortion is the sacrament of the false religion, Secular Humanism (“liberalism”)!

Traditional Catholic thinker and pro-Life activist David Persyn of Greenwell Springs, LA, David Persyn works as a New Media consultant specializing in development of materials used in intellectual evangelization. He dedicates himself to converting New Age atheists and Secular Humanists.


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