The Louisiana Democrat Party Measures a New Low, YET AGAIN!!

October 2, 2007

In a move that can only be seen as brilliant, Bobby Jindal’s campaign has dealt the Democrat Party, yet another blow by exposing their despicable deeds to ALL the voters.
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It is now being reported on KNOE-TV in Monroe, LA that Governor Kathleen Blanco donated $50,000 to the Democrat Party and financed the infamous attack ad that wrongfully attacked Bobby Jindal’s faith by taking comments out of context from old college writings and manufacturing blatant distortions.

Governor Blanco reportedly was shocked that her donation was used to produce such lies and claimed she had nothing to do with it. This will likely be a hard sell to Republicans and decent Democrats since Governor Blanco refused to denounce the ad despite her knowledge of the ad. Going further, Governor Blanco knew that her donation was made prior to the ad and never once displayed any dismay at such despicable tactics, UNTIL SHE WAS CAUGHT.

Not only did Governor Blanco fail to denounce such outrageous lies, the Democrat and Independent candidates for Governor never bothered to display any character in denouncing the ad either.

Other Democrats now running for election will again be exposed for being morally challenged. A perfect example is Charles McDonald who never made a public announcement denouncing the lies, but instead had to be prodded by his Republican opponent, Mike Walsworth, to do the right thing. Finally, after a week, McDonald sent Walsworth an email claiming he (McDonald) had nothing to do with the ad. Looking very disingenuous, McDonald did not even bother to make a press release. For some unknown reason, McDonald expected his press releases on this matter should be handled by Walsworth.

We will be watching to see if Charles McDonald has repented and is now capable of doing what is right ON HIS OWN, by not only apologizing for his previous failures, but also denouncing Governor Blanco’s involvement in spreading those hateful lies about a good and decent man, Bobby Jindal.

With the exposure of the Governor’s shocking involvement in such disgraceful activities, the calls for the State Democrat Committee Chairman, Chris Whittington, to resign should be renewed. Whittington never once demonstrated any remorse for publishing such despicable lies and even claimed he had “100% support” for the ads by the Democrat leadership. This, of course, was easily discounted as local leaders from across the State began denouncing not only the ad, but the Democrat Party, as well.

It was a cold and calculated decision to only air the shameful ad in North Louisiana. The heavy Protestant population in North Louisiana was being manipulated by the Democrat Party. Not only did the Democrat Party seek to divide this state, it was also an attempt to pit Christian against Christian. The ad backfired and decent Democrats, along with good Republicans, were clearly outraged by the despicable behavior of their party leadership.

Chris Whittington obviously thought he had dodged a bullet by not airing the ad in heavily Catholic south Louisiana, but with this discovery of Governor Blanco’s involvement, the ad should now get exposure in south Louisiana and such a grievous sin will certainly grow the outrage of decent Louisiana voters.


Apparently when Democrats leave office they recapture what morals they had as proven by a former communications strategist for Governor Blanco. Bob Mann, now a mass communication professor at LSU, called the ad an outrageous attack that distracts from more important topics in the governor’s race. Mr. Mann was quoted on Town Hall with Lee Fletcher as saying, “I have a pretty high tolerance for this kind of stuff, but my reaction was I was fairly well shocked. I was really surprised that the party would run something that explosive and that inflammatory.”

Bob Mann Former communications strategist for Governor Blanco

“This is not the Democratic Party that I agreed to join years ago. Anyone that believes it’s a good idea to attack a man who is willing to share his Christian beliefs, is dead wrong. At a time when our state needs to come together, dirty campaign operatives are trying to divide us among religious lines. This attempt is despicable and I urge the Party’s elected leaders to join me in denouncing this ad immediately.”
Ben Nevers (D)
State Senator

“Unfortunately, not one Democrat Legislator from Northeast Louisiana is yet on record in denouncing this disgraceful attack.”

Representative Mike Walsworth
District 15
West Monroe, LA

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  1. […] Mr. Whittington is certainly one of the most despicable Democrats in the state given his past lies and distortions. Mr. Whittington’s lack of morals does not qualify him to judge the moral character of anyone. Mr. Whittington’s inability to speak the truth does not qualify him to recognize what the truth actually is. Mr. Whittington’s obvious and unjustified ASSumption only lengthens the list of social blunders he has committed. […]

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