August 3, 2007

Through some very hard work and political wrangling, a group of honest fiscal conservatives managed to author and pass legislation that is critical to reviving the growth of business in Louisiana by eliminating only a tiny portion, ONE CENT, of ludicrous business taxes that are inevitably paid by the customers of those businesses.

By a near unanimous vote of the entire Legislature House Bill 505 was passed. It was passed because it is so obviously logical and common sense that even the most partisan spendthrift Democrat could not defend opposing the legislation. Given the elections about to be held, opposing the legislation proved impossible for anyone seeking election.
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Enter the most incompetent Governor this State has ever seen.  A Governor who consults closely with her husband, one of the most trusted allies of the most corrupt Governor this State has ever seen, Edwin Edwards.

Upon arriving on Governor Blanco’s desk, this critical tax relief legislation, that would have benefited the entire population of this State, was vetoed with total disregard to that obvious benefit.

State law provides a provision that initiates a process to allow the Legislature to override that veto known as a “Special Veto Session”. One could easily expect an override to be forthcoming given the near unanimous passage of the legislation, but with this process to initiate a Special Veto Session comes the TRUTH.

The detractors of this Bill, like Rep. Willie Hunter, said in an interview that he felt a veto session would not be necessary and that a new Governor and a new Legislature could pass this bill if they felt it was so important.

Well, Mr. Hunter, if it wasn’t important, why did you vote for it from the start. Could it have been because you knew how devastating it could be for your campaign to vote against jobs and tax relief for your constituency? You bet it would be and for you, Francis Thompson, Charles McDonald, and Hollis Downs to vote for the bill, and refuse to standup for what is right, clearly indicates that you were prepared to vote against this bill in the first place. Even worse, you likely knew ahead of time that our inept Governor was going to veto it. That, sir, smacks of bad faith bargaining, or in simple terms, that makes you a liar, along with your NELA cohorts, which means none of you can be trusted.

Other detractors have claimed this tax relief was only for big chemical companies. This could not be further from the truth. Certainly the larger the company the larger the amount of money that would be saved, but that is simple arithmetic, possibly too difficult for our Governor, and with huge utility bills like those of International Paper in Bastrop or Graphics Packaging in West Monroe larger amounts would be seen. However, in my conversation with a local convenience store owner in Rocky Branch, I was told that ANY relief from their over $1,000/month electric bill would be a welcomed sight indeed. It is easy for anyone with the slightest amount of common sense to see that when a company can save on expenses, it will allow that company to lower prices, give raises, or even hire more people. It is either a lack of common sense or a lack of morals that has led some of our local Legislators to refuse to do the right thing. I believe it is the later.

The truth is that those “drunken sailors” supporting our inept Governor never had any intentions of allowing this legislation to become law, likely knowing ahead of time that the Governor would veto the bill. Those legislators who obviously bargained in bad faith and voted for the legislation are now unwilling to stand by their word. To be blunt, by voting against a Special Veto Session those legislators are no better than common LIARS.

Now this morning, through the admirable efforts of C.B. Forgotston, we learn that the Special Veto Session has been canceled. These legislators have made it clear that they are not trustworthy and certainly do not deserve to continue or begin to represent the citizens of this State.

Of particular interest to this writer are the liars that have for years sold out the citizens of Northeast Louisiana to further their own personal gain and to maintain their own personal serfdoms.


Charlie McDonald -D (Running for Senate)
Francis Thompson -D (Running for Senate)
Willie Hunter – D (Running for Senate)
Hollis Downs – RINO (Running for re-election)



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