The Crucifixion of Representative John LaBruzzo

September 25, 2008

“If you listen to fools, the mob rules” —  Black Sabbath

We here at Louisiana Conservative value something, it’s called the truth. Now some bloggers had to post something, get a story up, whining about something, and they won’t let the facts get in their way. Others, I assume are upset only because it wasn’t proposed by a Democrat. What’s worse, paying women to have a reversable procedure done at taxpayers expense, or letting the woman get pregnant and ripping the unborn baby apart while it’s still in the womb… at taxpayers expense?

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Let’s not forget that it wasn’t that long ago that Democrats wanted taxpayers to pay for abortions for… you guessed it… poor women. In fact, minority women are disproportionately getting more abortions than white women… and the Democrats continue to make the argument that abortion is for unwanted children. I suppose by their reasoning with John LaBruzzo, it’s only fair to say that Democrats consider minority children as “unwanted”.

Now, let me be clear that I’m not here taking a stand in favor of LaBruzzo’s idea. For the record, I’m opposed to the idea just as I’m opposed to taxpayer funded abortions. However, I do not condone the zealotry of misinforming people on a politician’s position.

The runaway story was incited by an article in the Times Picayune and New Orleans City Business, and aided unapologetically with misleading commentary. The Times Picayune unnecessarily mentions David Duke which appears to intentionally invoke racist motives by John LaBruzzo, while the New Orleans City Business allowed people to get the impression that LaBruzzo is Nazi like when they put the comments by Shana Griffin, interim director of the Women’s Health Clinic.

“Instead he wants to use a form of medical experimentation and forced sterilization on poor women of color, using their economic status as a way to make them more vulnerable to the offer.”  — Shana Griffin

Either Shana Griffin was too ignorant of LaBruzzo’s comments to be quoted in the NOCB or she flat out lied. Representative John LaBruzzo never once suggested “Medical experimentation” as having tubes tied is not an experimental procedure. Representative LaBruzzo never stated anything other than giving women the option and can be reversed… which nullifies her comments about forced sterilization. And considering that women of color are more likely to get an abortion than white women, it makes more sense to support abortion if one wanted to reduce the minority population.

Looking at the website where Shana Griffin is interim director, I’d have to guess that Shana Griffin aids women, particuliarly minority women, in getting abortions. If that’s the case, Shana Griffin has thus done more to prevent minorities from even coming into the world than John LaBruzzo will ever do. Does Shana Griffin disagree that it’s better to prevent the pregnancy than to get an abortion? [update: See Shana Griffin talk about helping poor women get abortions at the end of this post]

So what exactly does John LaBruzzo’s bill do as it stood right before the news broke? Absolutely nothing… There is NO BILL being proposed by John LaBruzzo that encourages women to become sterile, nor have their tubes tied with a payment from the state. Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

How did all this start? WRNO radio host John Osterlind made a faux paus when he commented on and eventually apologized to Representative LaBruzzo over the radio airwaves. In a statement to Louisiana Conservative Dot Com, John Osterlind stated

Monday afternoon, I was talking about a woman in Slidell, who the police were looking for. She stabbed someone in the eye, and she was already awaiting trial for waiving a blade a few months earlier while she was nine months pregnant. I said these are the people who shouldn’t be parents, and I mentioned a conversation I had with LaBruzzo a week or so earlier. He said he was looking into, studying ideas on how to address this issue.

The tube tying [idea] was just something he was kicking around. After I said that, his phone rang off the hook.

I feel bad, because if I didn’t bring up our conversation, this whole firestorm would have never started. At least it has people discussing the giant problem of generational welfare though.

All the Best,

John Osterlind 

The story is simply this, Representative John LaBruzzo and radio talk show host John Osterlind were having a private conversation in which welfare was the subject. In that discussion Representative LaBruzzo had many ideas, some which could possibly make it into a future bill. However, anybody who has kicked ideas around knows that most of the ideas never get anywhere.

An otherwise excellent radio talk show host on 99.5 fm in New Orleans, Osterlind made mention of the comments when he shouldn’t have. LaBruzzo’s big mistake, however, wasn’t in talking to Osterlind, but rather in talking to the Times Picayune and the New Orleans City Business. After all, had he not talked to them, perhaps the story wouldn’t have spiraled out of control like it has.

To listen to John Osterlind and Representative LaBruzzo talking about the firestorm on WRNO click here (5-6pm) and here (6-7pm). To listen to John Osterlind’s original comments that started the lynching of LaBruzzo click here.


Shana Griffon talks about abortion. Keep in mind that her organization focuses more on women of color according to the website mission statement:

The Clinic’s Mission:
The mission of the Women’s Health Clinic is to equip women with the means to control and care for their own bodies, sexuality, reproduction,
and health by providing quality, affordable, and safe health care services to low income and uninsured women of color in the New Orleans
area through a holistic, community-centered well woman approach to primary health care integrating sexual health and reproductive justice. 
The Women’s Health Clinic was conceived to combine health services with a political analysis of the oppression that prevents low income,
immigrant, differently-abled, formerly and currently incarcerated, uninsured, and lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer women of color from
receiving safe, respectful and empowering health care and education.

— transcript beginning at 3:28 of video

RHRC: So a lot of people who read and keep up with RH Reality Check are interested in women’s access to abortion. What is that looking like right now in New Orleans?

Shana Griffin: It’s really interesting because to me I feel like reproductive justice movement, reproductive rights movement is pretty much focused on access and I feel like it needs to shift and become more open so our clinic in the first probably six months won’t provide abortions services but we make referrals but our providers do provide abortions at their clinics.

Now keep in mind that Shana Griffin’s organization is for “women of color”… and she’s helping them get abortions. What does that spell? E U G E N I C S. And where is all the outrage from the Left for Shana Griffin’s endorsement of E U G E N I C S? My next question is, do your tax dollars go to targeting minority women into getting an abortion?

Here’s the video

Land Rover Defender: The first, and still the best

Belfast Telegraph April 11, 2007 Pedigree and character; two words that can really sell a car. It’s no surprise to see manufacturers keen to revive successful old models in the hope of gaining a few sales. However, with icons such as the original Mini and Beetle finally consigned to the history books, there’s a distinct lack of surviving characters in the automotive world.

The Land Rover Defender is one such survivor; a car with lines dating back more than half a century and a soul that’s never changed. The most distinctive of all Land Rover designs, it’s instantly recognisable, an icon of the 20th century and a symbol of British engineering, so good that an estimated 75 per cent of all the Land Rovers ever built are still in working order.

But times change. Now, in its 59th year, it’s time for the slab- sided utilitarian path-beater to be reworked for the 21st century. web site land rover defender

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But, while the exterior bears a distinct resemblance to the 1948 original, the revised cabin is testament to a wealth of new developments aimed at bringing the Defender up to date. The interior features a single-piece moulded dashboard to prevent creaks and rattles, and an enhanced in-car entertainment system, which can now be enjoyed fully thanks to improved sound deadening. That’s not to say it has lost its rugged charm; the plastics feel like they’re made to last and the overall feel is one of function over form.

The interior also contains the most signs that the new Defender is a product of its time. Optional iPod support means you can enjoy your tunes while crossing the Sahara. In the back, the distinctive inward- facing seats are gone, replaced with folding, forward-facing items to meet EU legislation.

Fans will lament the loss of the flaps under the windscreen, made redundant by an improved air-conditioning system.

The refinements make the 2007 Defender a surprisingly pleasant place to be, on or off road. Transmission noise is much reduced, the new engine is smooth and there is enough torque for it to be suitable for motorway journeys.

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The 2007 Defender goes on sale about now, and it has already found more than a thousand prospective new owners. Like every generation, the latest Land Rover continues a tradition of off-road performance and rugged build while maintaining the spirit of the original.

Almost 60 years on, and the Land Rover continues to be a great British off-road vehicle and, until ever-tighter new legislation starts to dictate future models, there’s no reason for it to retire.


Thanks for setting the record straight. In reference to the mission statement, you make a good point. I have to wonder about all the "low income and uninsured women" who are NOT "of color."--since white is a "non-color" as opposed to black or brown. Do they get discriminated against? The racist card can certainly be slammed back to them. Julie


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