The Most Courageous Woman In Louisiana

November 2, 2012

During the Republican presidential primary Republican candidate Herman Cain said, “I left the Democrat Plantation years ago.” Conservative African –Americans have been speaking out even though some members of the black community, like Al Sharpton, refer to them as traitors. Congressman Alan West is an outspoken African- American who has been embraced by Republicans and Independents. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has been steadfast in her conservative beliefs.

LOUISIANA HAS ONLY ONE CONSERVATIVE BLACK FEMALE REPUBLICAN JUDGE– TRUDY WHITE. She is a courageous woman in a state where 99% of African-Americans are members of the Democratic Party. She is currently running for the First Circuit Court of Appeals. When mothers couldn’t get fathers to pay child support Judge Trudy, as she is known, was instrumental in setting up the involuntary garnishment program for child support commonly known as income assignment.

JUDGE TRUDY WHITE speaks to numerous community groups and organizations on a regular basis. One of the judicial outreach programs she is most proud of is one that she does with female inmates at area schools in East Baton Rouge Parish.

The liberal attack on all that Americans hold dear is bringing out the desire to save our way of life. This desire crosses all economic and ethnic lines. With the demographics changing in America, Independents, Tea Party Members and Republicans are embracing and supporting conservative, qualified, minority, republican women like JUDGE TRUDY WHITE.


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