The Most Unfortunate Choice We Made.

February 12, 2009

I love sports, mostly NFL and NHL, but I can take in a game of baseball or basketball. I was amazed that long time veteran Brett Favre had another great year still in him, and it’s questionable if his replacement in Green Bay was ready for prime time. We see it happen all the time, great quarterbacks V the young rookie stud. The coach has to make a decision who to start and who to bench. Some coaches choose the here and now and stick with the veteran and end up eeking out a few wins that they shouldn’t have won, other coaches pick the star rookie and, like all rookies, makes some of the dumbest mistakes, (think Hall of Fame QB John Elway lining up behind the left guard). Very seldom do rookie quarterbacks excel in their first year. Dan Marino and Ben Roethlesberger both started for already Super Bowl quality teams, and the lone exception Matt Ryan went to a bad team and turned it around his rookie season. The rest are just lucky to be playing. The point is, you don’t get much by starting a rookie.

So why am I talking football when this is a political website? Because that’s the choice we made in November. I was on the road quite a bit and listened to a lot of talk radio, especially the local hosts, not so much WJBOring. A lot of Castner and Walensky, Jeff Crouere, and John Osterlind. I’d hear these guys call in and talk about Sarah Palin, and how Sarah Palin just didn’t have enough experience to be the Vice President… so we should vote Obama… who they magically would omit that he just didn’t have the experience to be the President. We had a choice to either put experience as our starting QB (McCain) and bench the rookie (Palin), or to start the rookie (Obama) and bench the experience (Biden). We chose to start the rookie.

So with a young inexperience rookie in as President, is it any wonder why we are getting the quality of leadership from this guy? He doesn’t know what’s going on, he looks lost up there, he fumbles with his answers to questions, he can’t even manage two words without uttering ‘uh’, and he can talk for fifteen minutes straight and leave you less sure what he’s going to do. He keeps saying he ‘inherited’ this economic crisis, but so what, he was elected to fix it, wasn’t he? Turns out, that’s not his job, that’s somebody else’s job. Obama’s job is to stand there and look pretty, flex his muscles, and pretend that he’s in control of everything when indeed it’s becoming painstakingly obvious that he’s falling apart.

What’s really troubling is that he’s on his 100 day honeymoon, the Mainstream Media is giving him a pass like no other POTUS in American history, he’s got his party with commanding control of the House and Senate. He’s got his job basically handed to him, and it appears as if he’s falling apart at the seams. Does anybody remember Jimmy Carter’s malaise speech? At least that was at the end of his term, Hoover Obama is doing this in his first two weeks.

I’m probably one of the few optimist when it comes to the stock market. Over the course of the last three months, I’ve taken a strong buy position. I was certain that I was going to lose money and some of those stocks that I bought wouldn’t recover, but I’m playing long here and I wanted to diversify my portfolio. They way I figured it, if I bought a $50,000 car for $15,000 and the price dropped down to $7,500 after I bought it, would I be upset? Probably not, because I still got a great deal on a $50,000 car, right? And most certainly at the price that I was buying these stocks at, I’d recover the value plus some when the economy stabilizes, right? But what remaining confidence I had in the stock market went down the tubes as I watched Obama spend fifteen minutes answering a question in which he left me feeling like nobody in D.C. knew what they were doing with regards to the economy, they were just doing something… for the sake of doing something… in which case perhaps we’re better off doing nothing.

If you have a computer (since you’re reading this I assume you do) and it gets a virus that you don’t know how to fix, do you take a hammer and hit your monitor to fix it? Why not? Isn’t doing anything better than doing nothing? If the tire on your car is slightly crooked, are you going to hit it with a sledgehammer to straighten it out? I thought doing something is better than doing nothing. Not always. I decided to just take a hold position and I am not buying anything for the time being. If my stocks recover then great, if they don’t… well, we’ve got Hoover Obama to blame. Because these folks are doing something, I’m doing nothing… that is, I’m not investing. The morning after Hoover Obama addressed the nation a lot of other people, apparently, are taking the same strategy.

It’s not just the solution that they are proposing, but they are proposing it with stupidity. This bail out is so bad, not even the Detroit Lions wants to be a part of it. It just looks like cavemen discovering fire, and they happen to have a gas can. We don’t have a rookie QB at the helm of a Super Bowl quality team, we’ve got a high school quarterback bailing out the Detroit Lions.

I’m going to make a bold prediction:

“I miss George W. Bush” becomes such a popular phrase this year that it actually makes the 2010 banished words list.

In fact, let’s make it a twofer:

The Democrats favorite phrase will be “We can impeach him, Joe Biden will become President”

Okay, a threefer:

The Republicans favorite phrase in 2010 will be “We won.”

Let’s go for a four-fer:

A common after lunch comment will be: “I stood in line over two hours for my Obama soup. It had a lot of symbols, but no meat.”

God forbid if there is a provision for government sponsored soup kitchens in the bail-out package. It should though, considering that these people want government to take care of every one of our needs. They are starting to come out of their socialist closet and be more open about who they really are. The problem with socialism is that it preys on poor people, they ride in on white horses convincing poor people that they are the saviors and will rescue the poor from their dire circumstances, and then makes slaves of them.

And why is it, every time the socialist come, they tell us that capitalism failed and socialism is new and the future of economics? Marx did it, Lenin did it, Stalin did it, Hitler did it, Herbert Hoover did it, F.D. Roosevelt did it, Castro did it, Chavez did it, they’ve been telling the people for hundreds of years, they are the wave of the future, when the reality is that they are the failed ways of tyrants, idiots, and slaves.


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