The Myth of Legislating Morality

May 21, 2012

Thought and Comments by Leonard Brown.  Cartoons by those far more talented.

We’ve all heard the phrase before. “You can’t legislate morality!” It’s just another way that the left has chosen to say “don’t push your values on us!” This is just one more lie of the left that we have started believing.  They have taken a philosophical truth, and turned it around to suit their means. Here is the cold hard truth. You cannot, through legislative acts,  make a person moral. It cannot be done. You can, however, establish laws based on a code of ethics and morality. The very thing that the left does not want you to understand. Believe me, this can be done and it should be done. Let’s take a careful look at the facts:

I think that about sums it up


Consider first the penal code. Be it local, state or federal, it matters not. Let’s take a look at some of the more notorious crimes on the books. Let’s begin with Homicide. First degree murder. This is the premeditated act of taking the life of another. Why is this a law? I know what you’re thinking here. You think I’ve gone nuts. I haven’t. I’m not saying that it should not be a law. It is a perfectly good thing to prohibit the taking of life. I merely want you to consider why it is on the books. Is it a financial issue? No that is preposterous. Then why is it illegal to take a life? Quite simply because it is wrong! It is a matter of right and wrong. Society does not look kindly on those who harm their neighbors because it is universally agreed upon that it is a matter of right and wrong. It is a moral issue. Morality has been legislated for the safety of the public. How is that possible, after all, “you can’t legislate morality.” It seems we can.

I could keep naming different laws, Burglary, Rape, Incest, Pedophilia. All reprehensible, and all widely regarded as good laws. All matters of right and wrong, matters of Morality. I won’t continue to belabor that point. Instead, I will point to the fact that in matters of the criminal code, every single law on the books comes down to right and wrong. When boiled down, the entire criminal code entails the legislation of morality. Of right and wrong. Good and Evil.

Looking back at the foundation of this country, these moral decisions were made by men of pristine reputations. Still today, we look at the efforts of such men as Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Franklin and Henry with awe and reverence. These were men of conviction and men of faith. They strongly believed in what they were doing, and that conviction was woven throughout the foundation of the republic. It has been codified into our very laws that bind us today.

Today,  the same choices face us. We are presented with questions that will continue to haunt our children and grandchildren if we do not take a stand and answer them with conviction. President Obama has ordered his justice department to stop enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act. The Executive branch does not have the right to declare something unconstitutional. That lies with the judicial branch. Still, the President has great influence over the hearts and minds of America. He believes that this comes down to the argument that you cannot legislate morality. In a way he’s right. He cannot, with the stroke of a pen, make gay marriage right. He can’t do it. It is a moral issue. He cannot stop the fact that life begins at conception. This means that abortion is the taking of life. We’ve already established that such an act is wrong.  He cannot stop being dishonest about who he is, who he is associated with or what he is doing anymore. The feline has been expelled from the burlap vessel. All that is required for him to continue on this pace is for we as conservatives, as moral individuals and as those who believe in right and wrong to simply sit on our hands on do nothing.  We cannot do that any longer. We have to get moving. We have to act to stop the things that this administration is doing now.  November is not quickly enough. Get active. Get moving. Fight for what you believe in. The sidelines are where lesser men stand.


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