The New Congressman from Louisiana

May 4, 2008

Don Cazayoux, if you don’t know how to pronounce his name just call him congressman Couillon (pronounced Coo- yon), which around Louisiana means a politician… well no, not really, but pretty darned close to it. It’s also a real affectionate term in South France. So when you see him wandering the halls of Congress, slap him on the back, laugh, and welcome Congressman Couillon to the hill.

But something has been bothering me, why did the Democrats spend so much money on a seat that they more than likely are going to lose come November? Why on earth would somebody throw so much money, giving the white Democrats 43 times as much money as they did the black Democrats in this race, as was the case with the organization Act Blue? What burning issue do the Democrats have that they need as much support to pass with as little opposition as possible? I mean, here is a seat that the Democrats will probably retain for a mere five months, why on earth would the Democrats spend so much money on having a couillon up on the hill?

On such possibility would be to vote against the moratorium on the gas tax, a proposal by Senator John McCain to temporarily end the gas tax between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Democrats obviously care about the poor when they won’t even cut them some temporary slack on their taxes, refusing to let people keep just a mere 30 cents a day more in their pockets. Funny isn’t it, they pass these taxes telling us how it’s only a penny or two more, but they absolutely refuse to let you keep 30 cents more a day, and Congressman Don Couillon is just the guy they needed to make sure you don’t get to keep that extra 30 cents a day.

Another possibility is the Global Poverty Act, a bill that would help put in force the U.N.’s Millennium Declaration. Apparently welfare has done so much to put people back to work that we must now help the rest of the world get back to work. Imagine how much you get to care about the poor, it’s not only your responsibility to give to the government to take care of the hard working Professional Daytime Talkshow Analyst here in the United States, but now you’ll get to take care of them in the rest of the world too. You taxpayers sure are generous, thanks in large part to the Democrats up on the hill. We’ll also mention that the Millennium Declaration also has intentions of illegalizing guns for the general population.

Maybe there’s another Tookie Williams rising up and Don Couillion’s tough on criminals experience is needed by the liberals, or should I say perception is needed. Don Couillon voted Yes on HB 525 in Louisiana, reducing the amount of time drug criminals should be imprisoned. The guy who used to give drugs to your kids and received a life sentence would only receive 7 years, because Don Couillon is tough on criminals like that. I better clarify who I’m talking about… I’m talking about the guy who hangs around the convenience store selling drugs, not the guy your child sees and has a couch in his office.

Maybe they were impressed with his votes on raising taxes, finding taxes to raise that even most liberals shyed away from such as raising the fees on Death certificates because we all know when we have a family member di, the first thing we want to do is give the government more money.


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