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February 3, 2010

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‘Hazzard’ car fetches $10M

Post-Tribune (IN) May 6, 2007 | The Associated Press THIS ELECTRONIC VERSION MAY DIFFER SLIGHTLY FROM PRINTED VERSION Actor John Schneider put a version of the “General Lee” up for auction on eBay.(PHOTO) (THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) A version of theGeneral Lee — a 1969 Dodge Charger made famous in the television show “The Dukes of Hazzard” — fetched a winning bid of nearly $10 million Friday in an online auction. If the bidder comes through with cash or financing for the $9,900,500 price, the car will be the most expensive item ever sold by eBay, a spokeswoman said. go to website 1969 dodge charger

Actor John Schneider, who played the blond heartthrob Bo Duke in the show, sold the car, which was not featured in the original show but carries the signatures of the cast.

Schneider, 47, said he expected bidding for the orange coupe, which has “01” on the doors and is emblazoned with the Confederate flag, to go for $3 million.

“In my wildest dreams, two people would get into a bidding war at about $2.5 million … and I would have been delighted with that. However, I’m three times as delighted as that now,” he laughed.

All the living original cast members and crew from the show, which started in 1979, signed their autographs under the hood of the car. It was also featured in the movie “Dukes Go To Hollywood,” and Schneider raced it in The Silver State Classic Challenge in Nevada. site 1969 dodge charger

The actor said he would use the money to help produce a sequel to his 2006 movie “Collier & Co.” “I think I’ll go on vacation first and then make the movie,” said Schneider, who after “Dukes” acted on Broadway and had roles on shows including “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.” “This is really, really quite amazing.” When bidding escalated this week, customer service representatives at San Jose, Calif.-based eBay called Schneider and recommended he take bids only from pre-qualified eBay customers who could confirm financing and provide other details. Although all eBay bids are considered a legally binding contract, the transaction isn’t official.

“The way it works is the money and vehicle swap hands between buyer and seller, but until we hear from buyer and seller we have no way of verifying whether the transaction happened,” England said.

The current eBay record sale is $4.9 million for a private jet several years ago.

The Associated Press


As Walter Williams frequently points out, this stuff is NOT rocket science: it may not be easy, but it is relatively simple. It is exactly the same principle as personal weight control. Calories in greater than calories out equals weight gain [dollars in greater than dollars out equals budget surplus]: calories out greater than calories in equals weight loss [dollars out greater than dollars in equals budget deficit]. Despite all the squabbling about how to manage that budget problem, there's really a very simple way to resolve the problem: again, not easy, but simple. For every line item in every annual budget, ask the question "What is the constitutional authority for this item?" That question alone would immediately cut the fed budget in half (or more) because a huge portion of that funding has absolutely no constitutional justification. Then ask if the item is necessary to the national interest: that totally eliminates so-called 'pork'. The problem is not that we don't know how to fix the problem: the problem is we don't want to fix it. If we did, we would elect representatives who are committed to solving the problem, and take the hard knocks associated with changing our lifestyles to reach the goal; just like weight control. We can't blame Obama, or Bush, or Democrats, or anyone else: we're here because of our own bad choices. I have a sign that I use in some training I do: "Like what you've got? Want more of the same? Keep doing what you've been doing, don't change anything."

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