The Obama Legend Lives On?

April 20, 2011

The Obama Legend Lives On?
Leon Puissegur

President Obama is building a legend that few of the people in the United States will soon forget. His attitude about drilling for oil is costing each and every person who drives any sort of vehicle money few can now afford. I should also mention that this really does not have to be, but this President and his administration really don’t care because they actually want these high prices to go into effect so they can tell everyone that we need alternative energy NOW and then they can tell Jeff Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, who sits down with the President to go ahead with his plans to string little recharge poles every 60 miles so people can recharge their little electric cars that they paid $41,000 for.

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This is his legacy and it will not be able to be blamed on anyone but this President himself mainly due to the simple fact that President Obama himself while running for President stated, “Electricity will necessarily have to skyrocket…” His Head of the Energy Department, Steven Chu stated that he would love to see gasoline prices go to $10.00 a gallon! Interior Secretary Ken Salazar had informed a couple of State Legislatures in Louisiana that he would love to shut down All the oil wells. Yet another problem that belongs directly to President Obama and no one else at all!

President Obama will live with this problem because he has directed the head of the Environmental Protection Agency to use their powers to push the Cap and Trade ideas that both Congress and the Supreme Court said he could not do! President Obama owns this problem and no one else could be blamed for this because it is HIS policy that is being followed. The President has made it very difficult for oil companies to obtain permits to drill and he is forcing them to use their leases even if there is no oil on them! The President has even forced oil companies out of Utah where they were drilling and capable of producing oil! His goons told the oil companies they could not drill and they could not get the money back on their leases and they also had to pay taxes on the leases they could not use or get their money back on!

The high price of gasoline at the pumps has been a blessing to the Obama administration since they are now happy to tell the people the lies they have prepared for them. The president and his hench men will say that our nation only has 2 percent of the world’s oil while we use 20 percent. With that statement, our President is a LIAR! The United States has more oil then the entire world has; yet it is the way that it is considered that allows the President to distort the facts to his liking. Engineers only consider the oil that can be produced at the time of the report and not the true amount of oil that could be obtained if the oil companies were allowed to drill and extract the oil by whatever means they could use to get the oil.

In Utah where about 300 billion barrels of oil sits awaiting extraction the President has allowed his Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to close drilling wells because they could be seen from lands bought by the Obama administration. The problem here is that they knew when they bought these lands these wells could be seen from them. Drilling wells and almost anything can be seen for about 100 miles in the parts of Utah where oil sits waiting to be extracted from the ground. Yet once again, President Obama sets his legacy to the oil problem of this nation by NOT allowing drilling where oil is known to exist and he will not allow oil refineries to be built that will help the United States to be able to produce our own gasoline from the oil in OUR nation!!!

According to several different reports from places on the Internet under the title of oil, some say the United States has as much as 2.4 Trillion Barrels of oil that are known to exist. This oil could be extracted from the shale we now have in just three states, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. These three states hold some 2 Trillion Barrels of oil about one third that can be extracted now, but Obama has placed them off limits to oil companies to drill for and produce. One other thing that is crippling our nation is the simple fact that our nation has lost some 100 oil refineries during the last 30 years. With this one simple fact, it becomes apparent that we need at the very least 50 new oil refineries, this would put thousands or even millions to work, but with the Obama administration, it would be a miracle if just one would be built!

If the United States would “Open” all drilling across the United States and began building at the very minimum 50 new refineries, then in about 10 to 20 years the United States would NOT need any oil from any government, but with Obama this could end up being 30 to 40 years if at all! Wells were being produced in Utah and Obama through his Interior Secretary Ken Salazar shut them down because they could be seen from a piece of land 100 miles from the drill site that the Interior Department bought so they could be seen from the “government” land! Is this any way to run a nation? Now with gasoline running upwards of $3.89 per gallon and more then $4.00 a gallon in some spots across this nation! And what has Obama done to curb this rise in oil prices? Obama has done nothing and does not plan to do anything because this is what he wants so he can “FORCE” people to buy those very expensive Electric cars!

President Obama, a term I use as a very definite misnomer of the title, has done next to nothing to correct the problem when it comes to oil, and the best part of this is the United States could open up fields and have oil flowing through the wells in just 6 months! But this does NOT fit this President’s agenda and as such, he does not do much if anything to help the very people that put him in office! This President is hurting all those people at the lower end of the wage scale and does not care about how much he hurts this nation or the people within its borders! Yes, President Obama will be a legend in his own mind, but the greatness that he will be known for is that he does nothing to help the people by “Opening” those oil fields up and build at least 50 new refineries so our nation can be self sufficient, but under this President, we will not see that happen until he has ruined this nation and sent all the money and oil to other nations! His legend will live on as a President that sat down and laughed while the price of gasoline went through the roof at HIS will! Now that will be a great legend to hold and it could well happen if “WE The People” sit back and allow this to happen!!!

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