The Obama Questions??

February 20, 2012


Leon Puissegur

WOW!! So Many questions, so very few answers! Has anyone ever raised really truthful questions about this so-called President? There are so very many questions about Obama that if the questions alone were answered they would probably cost him the election and he would lose by the largest amount ever. By now many have clicked off this and gone on, for those interested enough to ask questions, let me say here that all of the questions I am going to ask about Obama have never been asked nor have they been answered truthfully! We all know that everyone knows something about the background of the people they know. If you know a person for say 10 years or more, you know what they did in high school, what they may have done in grade school, what they did before they got married, why they got married. Simple little questions that are answered with basic small talk. Yet NONE of them have been defined by Obama in any way!

Let me get the most controversial question out the way first since it is one that should be answered first. Just where was Obama born? Yes, he did present a birth certificate, but it was doctored up so bad that even a simple look back at the hospital showed that the one he claimed to be born at was not even in existence yet. His explanation of this one question along brings many different questions to bear. Questions like if he was not born in Hawaii, where was he born and if he was not born in Hawaii, then what happens to all the different programs he passed and the Executive orders he passed and his appointments, and all the other “legal” ramifications that pop up should it come to be that Obama is NOT a Citizen nor a “Natural Born” United States Citizen. These are all very good and real questions to be asked yet few will bother to ask them, especially those whom can and should ask them.

One thing that would be answered is his true nation of birth. From this all things would go crazy. All his actions would be null and void and maybe that is the real reason that no one really wants to get the right answer to this one question alone. It would mean that all those extreme left appointees that Obama placed into positions that have not been in good taste or good actions. Many of the very laws he signed including the lousy Health care bill would be null and void! Due to all this mess, it could be why no one is going to challenge Obama very hard on this because if it is proven that his birth place is not in the United States they would have to take actions that would drive our nation and the world into a slight turmoil!

The next question that pops into the arena is the one where it seems that Obama has the Social Security number of a dead man from Connecticut. I must note here that; Jack Caskill writes for World Net Daily. He has written a book entitled “Deconstructing Obama.” Caskill was flummoxed by the reports of a bogus social security number used by Barack Obama between 1977 and 1979 (Another Look at Obama’s Social Security Number, WND, March 17, 2011). The number was issued in Connecticut. Obama has never lived there, nor has any family member. Why would he get a social security card from Connecticut?
Caskill contacted Susan Daniels, a licensed investigator from Ohio who is very well qualified to research assets for law firms. She lives in the world of databases and has access to many records that public commoners have no access to. Daniels began her own investigation of Barack Obama in 2009 and discovered the dilemma regarding his social security number. “All I can say,” says Daniels of 042-68-4425, “is that it’s phony and [Obama] has been using it with it first appearing on his selective service document in 1980.” Daniels discovered that the applicant for 042-68-4424, Thomas Wood, died at age 19 and lived in Connecticut. Barack Obama applied for 042-68-4425 when he was sixteen years of age living in Hawaii. Why won’t Barack Obama step forward and explain this mystery?

Mr. Caskill brings into question why has Obama used a bogus Social Security number? Why indeed? Most of the time when someone uses another Social security number that does not belong to them it is because they have something to hide or they do not want to be found so now that brings up the question that if this is NOT Obama’s Social Security number, then where is his? Also why does he not use his if he is a true Citizen? There are so many questions to answer just with this one question alone but few people are brave enough to even ask them! One must really ask why does anyone wish to hide their background unless they have something to hide that will injure their position right now!!

Other questions pop up like sneaky snakes along a trail. One that has always puzzled me is just where are all the people that not just worked around Obama, but grew up with him? Where are the girlfriends? Where are his college friends? Where are the people he went to class with? I know that many people remember me even if it was years ago! Just recently I met a man whom worked with me for a short while and he told me that at a funeral another man whom had worked with us asked if he had heard from me. Just this alone shows that people do remember you yet few if any remember Obama, WHY?

The Wall Street Journal reported “Fox News contacted some 400 of his classmates and found no one who remembered him” (WSJ, Obama’s Lost Years, Sept. 11, 2008.) Matt Welch of interviewed Wayne Allyn Root, a former ‘classmate’ of Obama at Columbia University back in the 1980’s:
Welch: “So tell us what we should know about Barack Obama that we don’t?”
Root: “I think the most dangerous thing you should know about Barack Obama is that I don’t know a single person at Columbia that knows him, and they all know me. I don’t have a classmate who ever knew Barack Obama at Columbia. Ever!”
This is a prime example of wonder because it makes an intelligent person wonder why is it that no one can remember things that happened with Obama? Is he a ghost? Did he just develop out of thin air? Where did he come from? Of course many of those whom have fallen in love with him will say this is all hogwash, but at the same time, those whom dance with the devil would say the devil is great! Where are the people that remember his actions in college? Why is it that no one can remember his work with the different groups in college? Even if he stayed to himself, people would know of him, so why is it that Obama cannot or has not allowed people to discuss what he did or where he went?

Is it strange that Obama and the Democratic party,(parts of which call themselves SOCIALISTS), can dig up information from 20 years ago on just about any republican, but even though we know that Obama sat in front of a very Radical church that preached hate, no one seems to be able to say they knew or discussed any of the sermons or ideas of that church? Does this even queue your sense to ask why no one has come forward and said yea, I knew Obama when he went to that church, he did this or that? Why is it that no person has come forward and made any statement that they knew him anytime!!

We as a nation have a RIGHT as Obama would say, to know what our Presidents did or did not do. With Obama, all we know is that he is a very good speaker when they have teleprompters, and not so good when he does not have them. Why has none of his girl friends come forward? Why has none of his college roommates come forward and said they knew him when he admitted to doing Cocaine? Did they all die off for some reason? Two college young men did obtain records from one of the colleges that Obama went to and they were immediately sent to jail for doing something no one knew about! It seems that maybe we NEED to find out just why Obama is hiding his background, is it because he had jail time for doing drugs, was he involved in some sort of scandal? They have so very many questions that NEED to be answered now and if none of these questions can be answered, then he should NOT be considered for holding any office! Questions, and more questions, I could go on and on with questions about Obama’s past that seems to be “lost in space”!


New Zealand Herald (Auckland, New Zealand) December 1, 2007 It’s the most exclusive road-going Jaguar ever, a one-off variant of the supercharged XKR that comes with loudspeakers built by Bowers and Wilkins, the British company that equips the famed Abbey Road studios.

It’s called the XKR Portfolio and it’s available in one colour: celestial black. It gets 20-inch alloy Cremona wheels, polished aluminium power vents, special signature tread plates on the sills, upgraded brakes – and a choice of alloy or walnut interior appointments to go with the leather options.

Its exclusivity is guaranteed – only 150 models will be built for the world market. Of that, New Zealand will get three, each priced at $254,990 and available next year.

The XKR Portfolio is the first production example of Jaguar’s new partnership with Bowers and Wilkins. The audio specialists designed Kevlar mid-range speakers and aluminium-dome tweeters for the Alpine and Dolby Pro Logic II sound system. here bowers and wilkins

The result, says Jaguar, is superb mid-range and extended high-frequency responses.

The Portfolio shares the XKR’s already powerful styling cues and its supercharged 4.2-litre V8 engine, but gets the largest, most powerful brakes ever for a production Jaguar.

Jaguar worked with Alcon to create the bigger 400mm front and 350mm rear discs.

Testing was done at Germany’s Nurburgring.

The 4.2-litre unit produces 306kW (410bhp) and 560Nm of torque and a claimed zero to 100km/h sprint time of around five seconds. Top speed is governed at 250km/h.

The soft-top XKR delivers the same power numbers and $254,990 price tag. It has just arrived in New Zealand with a $20,000 premium over the $234,990 XKR coupe.

All three XKR variants – convertible, coupe and Portfolio – are powered by a supercharged V8 that drives the rear wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission.

The convertible is 100kg lighter than the previous model; a sign of lighter Jaguars starting with the XF sedan due next year. in our site bowers and wilkins

The company is already testing a go-fast “R” variant of the XF, presumably using the 4.2-litre supercharged engine.

It was spied on a street in Coventry the other day. Although the visual differences are subtle, tell-tale signs of a hotter than normal XF include a new quad-pipe exhaust design and large, cross-drilled rotors running upgraded brakes.

Larger 20-inch wheels and a noticeably lower ride height suggest a more aggressive suspension set-up, in keeping with Jaguar’s usual formula for their R-spec cars.

There is also talk in Britain of a one-off XKR called the “Plus” powered by a 5-litre V8 putting out about 450kW, or 600bhp. If such a car appears, it will arrive well after the XFR, which is likely to be unveiled at either the Geneva or Frankfurt motor shows in 2009.

Alistair Sloane

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