The Past and the Present

September 11, 2007

Earlier tonight I was watching one of my favorite movies/series, Band of Brothers, part 4. I love this series, the sacrifice that these men made, the terror that they experienced, the friends that they lost. In our nation today, one has to wonder, do we have the courage that they had?
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In part four of the series, Easy Co. liberates the Netherlands and upon their arrival in Eindhoven are greeted with celebrating citizens. Private Frank Perconte is seen getting kissed and hugged by a brunette when another soldier pulls him away. Shortly after, a few of the citizens grab the girl and take her away to a crowd of other crying women that are having their hair cut off.

When asked ‘What did they do?’, the response was, “They slept with the Germans, they’re lucky, the men [who helped the Germans] are being shot.” The women were traitors to their country and the people took matters in their own hands.

Every country has them, during every war, people who betray their country men and actually assist the enemy. It’s not called patriotism, it’s called betrayal.

The American Revolution had them, the Civil war had them, this is nothing new. However, how countries at war have dealt with people like that is to shoot them. Get rid of them. If they are not on our side, and are actively working to assist our enemies, then they are just as guilty as the enemy, and deserved the same fate. That was the reasoning behind this.

Our Constitution allows for this if the President sees fit -Section 3 Article III. Fortunately for some people, that so-called dictator in the White House refuses to exercise this authority to do what is many past leaders have deemed necessary.

I’m not suggesting that we take drastic measures, and most certainly not in our own hands. I’m not saying that anybody against the war in Iraq is clearly anti-American. I understand that we are still human, and for various reasons, disagree on issues. What I am saying that within the war protest movement, there are people who clearly wish to see the defeat of the United States of America. That there are those that seek to protect the Islamo-fascist that will not cease the war until we either convert to Muslim or are dead.

We have those in this country that criticize people’s belief in Jesus Christ at every turn, yet want us to understand and be compassionate towards terrorist who use their religion as an excuse to kill innocent people.

We have those among us that hold freedom with utter disdain, and in their actions, they would have us rely on Government to solve every single one of our problems. They would have us disarmed, the citizens of their guns, the military of it’s nuclear capabilities, and the soldiers of their armor. They would see that we are weakened so that a foreign aggressor can defeat us and instill a different government. A government much to their liking.

I’m not saying that everybody against the war is unpatriotic. Some are just cowards, some think it’s unconstitutional, and others just want peace. But we ought not to forget that history teaches us that every generation has had them. People who think the grass is greener on the other side of the field, or for whatever reason, that does everything in their power to ensure that their country men lose the war.

Listen to what they say, they’ll tell you who they are. Would any of us say that Cindy Sheehan loves America?

Ignoring their motives won’t make them go away, ignoring them will just help you become a little more ignorant. In the coming days, they’ll be the loudest. Listen to them, identify them, and don’t forget them, don’t forget 9-11.

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AT LAST, HOW TO GET RID OF THE FOUL FOOD MOUNTAIN; Good food: Fresh meat at Hanley’s Mitchelstown.

Daily Mail (London) December 11, 2008 Byline: Aiden Corkery THOUSANDS of retailers, processors and consumers were finally given advice last night on how to dispose contaminated pork products five days after the crisis broke.

Wholesalers and meat processors are being asked to bring their combined 14,000 tonnes of stockpiled meat to one of four rendering plants in Galway, Meath, Waterford or Wexford for safe disposal.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said the wasted meat could also be safely disposed of by incineration but there is not an incinerator plant in the country large enough. go to web site how to get rid of gas

A final option is landfill, but the EPA only wants this to be considered as a last resort because of the slight risk of soil contamination.However,the EPA also admittedthat they could not police the disposalofthe meat.

This responsibility falls to the Department of Agriculture,Food and Fisheries who have powers under animal by-product legislation to prosecute offenders.

And after the Federation of Irish Renderers asked the EPA if it could introduce contaminated meat which is packaged directly into the rendering process without having to go through the tedious process of unwrapping the meats first, the EPA said it was satisfied that this would not pose additional risk. see here how to get rid of gas

Householders have been given the all-clear to dump meat bought between September 1 and December 8 into their regular bins.

However,a leading food safety expert remindedpeople last night that they could eat the meat instead of dumping it because:Theres no risk to health if you eat this meat.

Its illegal to sell it but its not illegaltoeat it, accordingtoProfessorPatrick Wall, former chairmano f-theEuropeanFood Safety Authorityand UCD public health lecturer

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