The Paulistinians and the RLC

June 20, 2011

As the delegates of the Republican Leadership Conference get home, unpack, and wind down, thoughts of the event will begin to emerge and form as they remember the great experiences they had.  The one thing I appreciate the most was getting to know as many people as I could and getting the sense of what is to come in 2012.  Perhaps my excitement could have intensified the perception of the gathering, but all I can think about are the dynamics of the supporters as they cheered on their favorite speakers.  It’s always fun to have an engaged and spirited audience that responds to the points given in a discourse of rhetoric.  Otherwise I could have just skipped the GOP message of the year all together and stayed home.  Ok, I admit it, I really needed to meet Senator Jim DeMint, and just had to see Rep. Michelle Bachmann, and I couldn’t pass up another powerful speech given by Herman Cain including the FairTax.  I would have gone for those rockstars alone, but that is beside my point.

My real point here is that the most important part of these occasions is not the illustrious politicians and their campaign promises.  It is the people.  THE PEOPLE are what determines the outcome of such an event but I’m not too sure if the GOP gets it.  The lineup of speakers was great, and the venue was good, and everyone had a great time.  The energy was positive and it was a good beginning to lead us into the election season despite the one thing that left a big spot on the conference -one dark, hateful, negative element lurked among us that I just could not shake off.  It was enough to send chills down my spine and make the hair on the back of my neck stand straight.

Photo from The Pink Flamingo Blog

The agenda of the second day of RLC donned top billing which included Ron Paul.  I have never seen such a scary and weird following of another human being other than those cult leaders we see every now and then in the news.  You know, where the Kool-Aid drinking types who are in some euphoria that perfect peace can exist in the world we live in right now?  What is ironic too is that Paul presents himself as the TEA founder, and hijacks the grand theme of responsibility just like the way Al Gore invented the internet.  Ron Paul’s ideology is not only far-fetched, but he might as well call himself the keeper of Heaven’s Gate as I wait for him to submit legislation to open the files of Area 51.  I agree with some of what Ron Paul proposes as for monetary policy goes, but his message cannot be taken seriously and he will miss any opportunity he would have had because of the strategy he chooses.  Many of his fans who are among the Tea Party movement have given me the “It’s not him, it’s them,” song and dance routine.  Sometimes I wonder if the TEA is tainted with a hint of Kool-Aid itself.

But back to the people: Paul’s followers are not indicative of who will select our next president.  Thank goodness.  They were spiteful, hateful, ugly children who were paid to make noise and act like a bunch of fools.  You can spot them a mile away in a sea of conservatives and are usually referred to as many names such as “Paulites,” “Paulbots,” “Paulanistas,” and my favorite, “Paulistinians.”  They generally all had some type of purple, blue, or black hair, tattoos, piercings…you name it.  They came off the bus all the way from Mars, carried their Ron Paul placards and filed into the ballroom on demand prior to and during Herman Cain’s speech, and sat on the floor like kindergarteners taking orders.  The offensive part was the booing and jeering they did at Cain when he spoke of America being Israel’s friend.  These people were disruptive and did not engage along with the program among others during the conference.  They were there for one purpose, one mission.  The angst I began to feel was shared by many others who felt compelled to cheer a little louder for Cain despite the booing and hissing.  Herman Cain finished his speech in an impressive, unwavering, and professional way.  He was classy.  Paul’s supporters were not.

This is the second half of Herman Cain’s speech.  At the two minute mark, he begins to discuss his foreign policy beliefs.  See for yourself…

HERMAN CAIN – RLC PT 2 OF 2 – 110617_

Update: the video has since been taken off of YouTube and replaced with Ron Paul videos.  Hmmm….

After Cain exited the stage, Ron Paul was happily announced by Charlie Davis, the CEO of the conference, and these kids jumped and screamed on cue from all directions, swallowing the audience.  I think it is pretty sad when you have to pay people to come support you and cheer you on everywhere you go.  If it comes down to that in your campaign, then you simply are only fooling yourself – then again Obama was successful at it.  Do we really need another president like that?  Who is a whiz at providing a false sense of support for himself to mislead voters?

As Paul began his speech after the noise of his followers calmed down, many of the rest of us quietly exited the room.  I was so offended, so angry; I wanted to choke one of the little ignorant Paulbots. They weren’t there because they were for God and country or for the monetary policies they believe in that Ron Paul proposes.  They were there to worship a man who is destined to have this country condemned by God if he were elected to the White House.   Why? Because as some say, he wants to legalize marijuana.  Now THAT is an important issue right there!  In my mind, Ron Paul is just as bad as Barrack Obama and will have the United States swallowed up by Islam in a New York minute.

The Straw Poll that takes place at these events also quickly loses credibility when these minions show up. I have nothing against competition, and I have nothing against being creative about it.  However, when this happens, it only hurts the integrity of the candidate when they ruin a tradition of gathering legitimate data by attendees.   As  Mark Bayham added in his blog:

Rather than chasing Green Day, U2 or Phish, these whippersnappers are following the most prominent advocate of the Austrian School of Economics…And perhaps breaking some possession laws along the way. The Paulistas should consider making straw poll/concert t-shirts complete with the dates of the conferences they attend…Now what’s the benefit of the traveling political carnival? I say nothing. An ardent Paul supporter almost turned blue in the face when I discounted the value of the straw poll strategy. But it’s true: Paul wins straw polls but loses delegate elections. Badly. Until Paul can devise a way to breakout beyond the older libertarian/younger college campus crowd, their champion will have to settle for paper victories.

So the LA GOP had to see this coming.  It wasn’t a surprise to anyone.  Attendees from CPAC still complain of the coup that took place earlier this year and events prior.  From what I see in the order of speakers, Ron Paul really disrupted two great speeches from Herman Cain and Sen. Jim DeMint. Perhaps if the GOP wanted a perfect convention of conservatives, Ron Paul would have been speaking first, then have some entertainment to allow time for the Paulites to exit the building and get back on the Boogie Bus to their campuses, then continue on to the rest of the REAL program for what most of the people paid good money to see and hear.

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