The Political Twilight Zone

August 20, 2012

I make no bones that I am a proud Conservative Republican and the choice Mitt Romney made in selecting Paul Ryan as his VP to me shows he is serious about averting insolvency for our country. Romney’s proven administrative skills are complemented by Ryan’s understanding of free market economic principles and his understanding of the economic quandary we as a nation face His ability to communicate this to the people makes him an excellent choice and shows Romney’s ability to surround himself with the right people. That being said, let’s examine the Twilight Zone the Democrat Party lives in.

The democrats are trying to label the Ryan Budget Plan as radical and extreme. At what point in our history other than at our founding did believing in the principles of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution become a radical position? These principles they see as radical but fundamentally transforming America and its political system is not. There’s more. The Democrats controlled the executive branch and the legislative branch with a majority that would be dictator’s dream of. They pushed through their wish list despite and without the peoples consent. Remember Nancy Pelosi saying about the healthcare bill, we have to pass it for us the people to know what’s in it. They were so busy ramming legislation down our throats that they must have forgotten their constitutional obligation to pass a budget and for four years have not taken the time to pass one. Since the Republicans were given a majority in the House they have fulfilled their obligation but the democrats in the Senate still refuse to do their duty to this country. They may not like the republican budget but at least they have one. Democrats, where’s yours? Put up or shut up. Quit condemning something you yourselves are not willing nor have the guts to do. Rod Serling could not have even dreamed this alternate universe that the democrats live in.

I guess to be fair to the democrats; their plan must be to make all things fair and equitable by spending our country into bankruptcy, destroying our currency with the printing presses, and confiscating the nation’s wealth through taxation. Their plan would make all things equal because nobody would have anything except of course the political class. Their policies and actions indicate that this must be their plan but they just don’t have the guts to tell us. I guess in order to know what their plan is we will just have to as a nation file for bankruptcy.

If Obama gets another term and the democrats control congress, their unwritten plan will be inevitable.

Stephen A. Cambre


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