The Property Tax Trap

March 3, 2007

Despite the numerous failed examples of socialist governments, our politicians continue to “unite the workers” and throw the Constitution and personal liberties aside.

When will they ever learn?

Socialism stifles economic progress and erodes the liberties on which this country was founded. Progressive taxes are blatantly unfair and punish those that would work a little extra to get a little momentum up the economic ladder.

The very communities in our region that have suffered the worst from Legislative neglect, instead of giving incentives for new business and new residents, stand ready at every turn to punish those that contribute the most to our communities.

Throw in a self-serving, political boondoggle, a good helping of government theft through eminent domain, and the mixture is just about ripe for the “picking”.

Like a farmer, slight-of-hand politicians “cultivate” private property, just not there own, and plant their socialist seeds. By sacrificing the private property rights of those “less connected” and moving project lines to benefit those that are, these legislative thieves acquire, not only political, but economic gain, either by positioning themselves in the middle of the economic payoff, or paying off friends and family with project fund money and jobs, usually both.

A heavy treatment of “fertilizer” will be used to blind those that have worked hard and saved for that retirement home, or those still working who want to enjoy a weekend getaway. The promise of a good investment through rising property values lures them in, the only promise that is likely to come true, but only to facilitate an underlying scheme.

In the middle of the most beautiful parish in this state lies another lake. A lake that came with all the same promises of economic prosperity, delivered by the inequities of imminent domain and slight-of-hand politicians.

By getting people to build homes on the lake or surrounding areas, the socialist politicians and their supporters, the “farmers” deceived investors with promises of increased property values, better roads, and economic prosperity, and unwittingly, the landowners planted their “money trees”.

Unfortunately, the new roads were never delivered nor the state funding that would have taken advantage of the opportunities provided by the new lake. But it was too late for the new landowners, the roots on their money trees had taken hold and they were a part of the community

By not delivering those promises, politicians diverted those funds to other political pork, and virtually trapped those investors with near stagnant land prices and unimproved infrastructure, which never attracted the badly needed economic development.

After over 45 YEARS, the roads around the Lake D’Arbonne are better described as “pig trails” given their narrow width and abundance of “wollers”. The major highways look much like they did in the 60’s, some with no shoulder, poor to no markings, and the only time the trees are trimmed is when the limb grows into the path of an overloaded, speeding, chip truck.

After decades have passed, the parish infrastructure, what little there is, displays clearly the long needed attention usually provided through responsible planning. It did not happen overnight, but has suddenly reached a point of perceived critical mass and a crisis has been manufactured to further serve a socialist agenda.

With this crisis, comes the calls for immediate action that cannot wait, despite a seriously flawed plan. The Union Parish School Board insists that the plan must move forward without delay, despite dangerous travel conditions, too lengthy bus rides, and despite the most experienced educator in the entire parish is against this plan.

The UPSB insists the urgency is too great to ignore anymore, our children deserve better, and with those urgent calls comes “harvest time”. But this is a different kind of “agriculture”. These farmers have not done any of the nurturing the money trees needed to grow strong, nor did they suffer the droughts and floods, but stand ever ready to steal the fruit as it ripens. Not like caring horticulturists, but more like locusts, these “farmers” move in on the landowners as overpowering partners demanding an undeserved share of the crop and using the threat of total land confiscation to coerce the landowners to hand over their bounty through the most egregious form of socialism, PROPERTY TAXES.

Even more unfortunate is that these farmers actually seem to believe in money trees. Their desires to steal what others have no matter what the cost, would surely seem to indicate they believe other people’s money does indeed grow on trees.

Now with these new facilities opening at the lake in Richland Parish, “just down the road” from Lake D’Arbonne and in the same economically depressed region of this State, and the approval to build over a dozen more lakes, it would seem the cycle is continuing, and with the same perpetrators.

One has to wonder, if our elected officials worked as hard for ALL the voters as they do for their ilk, would we really need to continue to punish our residents for owning property.

With D’Arbonne Lake being “harvested” for more property taxes, how apt a name is it for the Parish seat to be “Farmerville”, and how prophetic is the name of the new lake in Richland Parish, “Poverty Point”?


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