The Scandal Surrounding Buddy Caldwell

November 13, 2007

I just got an email confirming that Planned Parenthood is actively working against Royal Alexander. At the bottom of this is the press release from the Louisiana Republican party. The problem with this exceeds just any typical violation by a 527 organization, in that this organization is skirting the law in order to gain influence in the law.
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When Buddy Caldwell ruined the reputation of five people by accusing them of extortion and bribery and then dropping the charges, he demonstrated one of two things. Either he is incompetent in prosecuting cases (going after people without sufficient evidence) or that he’s willing to be influenced in matters of corruption. That is to say that if these five people were indeed guilty of extortion and bribery, dropping the charges suggest that Buddy Caldwell is willing to play ball if the price is right.

Which would definitely help explain why Buddy Caldwell doesn’t know if he’s pro-life or pro-choice (much like he didn’t know if Eddie Jordan was doing a good job). But it certainly appears that this organization has absolutely know fears of breaking the law, knowing that a Buddy Caldwell as Attorney General will be a friend indeed should there be a need.

They also giving us insight into how Buddy Caldwell will defend partial-birth abortion infanticide and allow the continuation of more than 400 babies being executed in such a grotesque way each year in Louisiana. We have had several District Attorney’s throughout the United States misuse their office. A more recent example is the Duke LaCrosse players who were not guilty, yet the D.A. continued to ruin their lives. We saw Eddie Jordan nearly destroy New Orleans, and all Buddy Caldwell could say was that “He didn’t know” if there were problems with the Orleans Parish D.A.? What kind of D.A. didn’t know that when the average Joe throughout Louisiana did? And he wants us to trust him with the power of the Attorney General?

There’s three elected positions in Louisiana where the political party of a candidate does not matter, Sheriff’s, Secretary of State, and the Attorney General’s office. This isn’t about politics, this is about who can you trust.

When Louisiana’s Justice Fund ran those commercials, like many of you, I was disappointed in what I saw, but how can any of us trust those commercials when the organization behind it is itself violating the law? How can any of us trust Buddy Caldwell to honestly cooperate in an investigation of this organization?

And how can any of us trust Buddy Caldwell to uphold the law, when the law is being violated to help him get elected? I’m sure the people of this organization can count on Buddy Caldwell to allow them to ride their lawn mowers should he get elected.

We’ve seen the Michael Newdows who will try to impose their will onto the rest of us by using the courts. We see the ACLU types in our state, that try to interrupt our peaceful lives through the court system. We know how these people are, we know who they are, and we know that they are friends of Buddy Caldwell.

Folks, quit listening to the excuses for Buddy Caldwell’s behavior, we’ve seen enough to know that he’s unfit for office.


Planned Parenthood Affiliate Tries to Determine Outcome of LA A.G. Election

An out of state 527 group calling itself the Louisiana Justice Fund (LJF) has spent a substantial sum of money attacking Republican Attorney General Candidate Royal Alexander. Recently discovered information on the group shows a disturbing connection with the extreme left group Planned Parenthood. [1]

This shadowy group with ties to Planned Parenthood and other ultra left-wing organizations is set up as a 527 and may be purposefully skirting the Campaign Finance disclosure laws by stating that it is running “issue only advertisement.”[2] However, the ads are should be considered “express advocacy” against Royal Alexander’s campaign for attorney general.

LJF’s executive director and Louisiana contact has now resigned.[3] Thus, they no longer have a Louisiana resident fronting the group. The ads should be pulled and an ethics investigation should be launched immediately and conducted expediently into this matter. An out of state group should not be able to determine the outcome of Louisiana’s election for Attorney General.

“Given Royal’s long family history of service to Pro-Life movement and the fact that Royal has a 100% rating with Pro-Life groups, it is easy to see why Planned Parenthood would do whatever it takes to prevent Royal from being elected,” stated Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman, Roger Villere Jr. “However, I’m appalled at the lengths this group has gone to hide its true identity while dumping nearly a half of million dollars attacking an honorable man. This is politics at its worst and should be stopped immediately.”

Royal has a 100% rating with National Right to Life. On the other hand, his opponent Buddy Caldwell has refused repeated requests to answer questions and surveys put out by pro-life and pro-family groups.

“For those who believe in the sanctity of life, Royal Alexander is the clear choice,” stated Villere. “Any enemy of Planned Parenthood is a friend of mine and an ally of the pro-life movement. When Planned Parenthood or the ACLU challenges Louisiana’s pro-life laws, it is the Attorney General who must defend the law. I encourage all of my pro-life friends in Louisiana to go out and vote and work hard to make sure Louisiana’s next attorney general is a friend of the unborn.”



[1] This is the link to cached version of the Planned Parenthood site:

The relevant contents of the site are:

“A donation to the Justice Fund goes directly to fund abortion services provided through Planned Parenthood of Southeast Texas Surgical and Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. This is for anyone that feels strongly that women must have the right to determine what’s best for their lives and want to ensure that essential reproductive healthcare is accessible for all women in our community. Give a Gift to the Houston Justice FundGive to the Louisiana Justice Fund


[2] In a letter from LJF’s attorney, James Lamb, to Louisiana TV stations, Lamb claims that Louisiana Justice Fund is not a Louisiana Political Action Committee and that it does not have to report to the Louisiana Board of Ethics (the oversight entity for statewide elections) because “the Louisiana Justice Fund does not expressly advocate the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate.” It should be noted that this is a rather disingenuous reading of the case law which requires exempt advertisements to be “issue only” and the LJF advertisement is clearly concerned with defeating Royal Alexander bid to become Attorney General.


[3] According to the IRS form, Derek Fitch is the executive director and Louisiana contact of LJF. He was also named as a director by LJF attorney James Lamb in his letter to the TV Stations. His resignation email states, “While I am listed as Executive Director of the Louisiana Justice Fund (LJF), please let this correspondence serve as my notice of resignation from the Louisiana Justice Fund. I no longer wish to participate in this venture.”

Data on spinal muscular atrophy genetics detailed by researchers at University of Paris. this web site spinal muscular atrophy

Genomics & Genetics Weekly April 30, 2010 Fresh data on spinal muscular atrophy are presented in the report ‘Single-sperm analysis for recurrence risk assessment of spinal muscular atrophy.’ According to recent research from France, “With the detection of a homozygous deletion of the survival motor neuron 1 gene (SMN1), prenatal and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) for spinal muscular atrophy has become feasible and widely applied. The finding of a de novo rearrangement, resulting in the loss of the SMN1 gene, reduces the recurrence risk from 25% to a lower percentage, the residual risk arising from recurrent de novo mutation or germline mosaicism.” “In a couple referred to our PGD center because their first child was affected with SMA, the male partner was shown to carry two SMN1 copies. An analysis of the SMN1 gene and two flanking markers was performed on 12 single spermatozoa, to determine whether the father carried a CIS duplication of the SMN1 gene on one chromosome and was a carrier, or if the deletion has occurred de novo. We showed that all spermatozoa that were carriers of the ‘at-risk haplotype’ were deleted for the SMN1 gene, confirming the carrier status of the father. We provide an original application of single germ cell studies to recessive disorders using coamplification of the gene and its linked markers,” wrote P. Burlet and colleagues, University of Paris (see also Spinal Muscular Atrophy Genetics).

The researchers concluded: “This efficient and easy procedure might be useful to elucidate complex genetic situations when samples from other family members are not available.” Burlet and colleagues published their study in European Journal of Human Genetics (Single-sperm analysis for recurrence risk assessment of spinal muscular atrophy. European Journal of Human Genetics, 2010;18(4):505-8). this web site spinal muscular atrophy

For additional information, contact P. Burlet, Universite Paris-Descartes, Unite INSERM U781 Institut de Recherche Necker-Enfants Malades, service de genetique medicale, Hopital Necker-Enfants Malades (Assistance Publique-Hopitaux de Paris), 75743 Paris Cedex 15, France.

Publisher contact information for the European Journal of Human Genetics is: Nature Publishing Group, 345 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010-1707, USA.


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