The Stench of Liberal Stupidity

July 14, 2008

Liberals have their own brand of stupidity, it has it’s own distinctiveness and simply cannot be duplicated by conservatives. It takes a liberal to be convinced that millions of people coming across our borders is good for the American economy yet fret that Muslim terrorist will sneak into the country through our ports. It takes a Liberal to be convinced that Charlie Wilson (D-TX) was a good man for giving aid to the Afghani resistance, but then blame President Reagan (R-CA) because the U.S. aided the Afghanis. It takes a Liberal to look at the nationalization of diamond minds in Sierra Leone and of the oil fields in Venezuela and somehow think the tyranny that comes with it is compassionate. It takes a Liberal to have faith in a mainstream media that they believe lied to them for a war, to now suddenly be honest. It takes a Liberal to look at a government they say is tyrannical, and have faith that giving that very government more power over our lives is intelligent.

I do believe that I’ve heard just about every argument that only a liberal can come up with on just about every issue. I disagree with Liberals on any number of different subjects, from my desire to not have my healthcare become a matter of politics, to whether or not they have a right to decide how a business is ran even though they have no vested interest in that business. I find silliness in nearly every one of their arguments, but I’ve really grown tired of this short sided and absolutely the abyss of their stupidity when they say “drilling for oil isn’t worth it because it will take ten years before…”. You’ve heard the argument, they seem to drown you out with it, it’s the only argument they seem to have against it. I suppose they read it in Nation Magazine, or maybe they saw it said on CNN. Doesn’t really matter, they heard it somewhere then they go to work and present it at the water color as if they thought of it all on their own. But did they really even think about it?

Using that logic, one should not build a sky scraper because it will take ten years before anybody even uses an office. Using that logic, we should not build bridges because it will be so long before we can cross it. Using that logic real estate investors should not sell property because how long it would take to make any money, banks ought not lend money for houses because it will take twenty or thirty years before they finish collecting the loan. Could you imagine had they not built the White House because it wouldn’t be finished before George Washington left office?

I’ve heard over and over that it will take at least ten years before we can get the oil, but what’s the alternative? How long will it be before we can effectively use other means without oil? And is it really a great idea to use two sources that are the most vital to our life, food and water? Maybe we ought to explore using oxygen and an energy source too.

And the other part of the Liberal argument is that we can’t get out of this by drilling alone. Maybe, maybe not. But what evidence have they shown to any of us that we can get out of our foreign dependence of oil without drilling? To paraphrase Barack Obama, we can’t continue to use the world’s resources and expect the rest of the world to just say ‘okay’, so why is Charlie Melancon, Mary Snelling Landrieu, and Don “Couillon” Cazayoux continuing to insist that American doesn’t provide more oil, they we just continue to take and take oil from the rest of the world? Maybe they simply want gas prices to go so high that the American people will support wars for oil.

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I couldn't agree more with your assessment of Liberal Stupidity or the catalog of that stupidity (though it is far from complete). As to the argument “drilling for oil isn’t worth it because it will take ten years before…” I have the perfect response. When this argument is raised I simply respond with this question: So, is your point that for the last ten, or fifteen, or twenty years Democrat Leadership has been irresponsible and short-sighted in refusing to allow oil exploration in the U.S.; or is your point that you think it is a good idea to continue that short-sighted irresponsibility and leave us in the same position ten years from now? I thought you folks were for CHANGE??? The discussion usually ends about there.

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