The Self Realization of America – Facing Tough Times

July 8, 2012

Recently I had a friend tell me that she wishes she had my coolness. That no matter what life threw at me, I maintained my coolness. I don’t know if that is true, but I responded with “No, you don’t”. For me, that supposed coolness came because I knew that no matter what life through at me, except for death, I would make it through. It wasn’t always like that for me.

In the not so distant past, I had some bad luck. It seemed as though nothing I did was right. Every decision I made was the wrong decision. It began to get to the point where I was stammering when I spoke, and every denial began to have a devastating impact. I needed to make a change. The scariest part of making a change is that often times the devil you do know is better than the devil you don’t know. As bad as things might have seemed to me, I had a sense of comfort in where I was. It was only when life had gotten bad enough for me that I had dared to make severe changes in my life.

For many people in America, living in poverty is a comfort zone. They will not make the necessary changes in their life because as awful as it may seem to the rest of us, to them, they know it can be worse. Sure they scrape by from month to month, but they don’t have to worry about a job, paying medical bills (medicare), putting food on the table (food stamps) and other things the rest of us have to worry about. Sure they may want a better life, but with no means and knowledge of how to make their life better, they have no confidence. So they just sit in their comfort zone.

I long have believed that if Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton actually believed in minority empowerment, then they would focus their attention on giving free courses on economics in minority neighborhoods than focusing on making them more dependent on government programs.

In 2008, we made a change because while things might have been bad in 2008, it was sudden. 3 1/2 years into Barack Obama’s presidency, things have gotten worse, yet, we have become adjusted to it.

It is quite clear that things will not get better under Barack Obama’s leadership, but have we reached a comfort zone in America? While many of my Independent and Republican friends clearly see this election as a referendum on Obama’s Presidency, I do have friends who hold onto an ideology the perfect should come at the expense of the good. That it’s either the perfect candidate or nothing at all. This ideology comes with a comfort of the current administration, that this administration has done its worse. I fear they grossly underestimate a second Obama term.

Then we have the supporters of Barack Obama who live high off the backs of the producers in our nation. Who believe they are entitled to the fruits of another man’s labor. The want to bully the producers because they have. They want to demand that those producers both spend more and give more. That they insist they provide more jobs, while giving more of that money to the government. They want the power to take from the people who produce, until those people who produce have been reduced to nothing but slaves.

This election isn’t a referendum on Barack Obama, it’s a referendum on despotism. We have a government in which the President picks and chooses which laws should be obeyed. We have a President who thinks so low of the people he represents that he shows no regard to their safety with regards to border security. We have a President who thinks the people who were “smart” enough to elect him are too stupid to know what’s good for their own health. We have a President who thinks there is no such thing as too much government, especially when it’s him making the decisions in your life. He has fiddled while Colorado burned. He has disrespected our allies and appeases our enemies. He has lessened America’s respect by bowing to foreign leaders. He has inept on things that matter and overzealous on things that don’t.

The question we now face in America is, do we continue to sit in our comfort zone and wait on a President who thinks that the private sector is doing fine and that it’s the public sector that hasn’t got big enough? Do we sit and watch him whittle away while many Americans struggle to put food on their table? Do we continue to live in our comfort zone? Or will enough of us give a little more sacrifice to get rid of an ideology that the only solution to a better America is government? I don’t know what you choose, but as for me, I will not give whatever I want, I will give whatever I have to.


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