The Self Realization of America – The People That Matter

July 10, 2012

I have a saying: “Take care of the people you love, it makes it much easier to deal with when they are gone.” For me, that all relationships must end at some point, and when it is over, do you really want to be full of regrets of the things you did or didn’t do? Or do you want to look back with fond memories of that person?

I like think of my self as the greatest of friends but the most horrible of enemies. Don’t we all think like that? Still, too often we forget that the people who matter are the people who actually care about us, and we worry about what people who don’t care about us think. It amazes me that our natural instinct is to impress people who we might not ever see again, and yet we fail to focus on those people who love us.

Truth is, if we really want to impress the people who don’t matter, focus on the people who do matter. Think about this, how much weight does a married man who professes to be a Christian really carry when he’s out chasing single women? It’s very hard to respect a man like that, very hard indeed. For me, it’s one thing to see a Democrat do that, since apparently they see no wrong in infidelity. It’s quite annoying when someody who clearly knows better can’t seemed to keep his pants zipped. It’s not just infidelity, it can be in any number of things.

My point is, the easiest place to start building respect is with the people who already surround you, and their respect for you will grow the more you treat them right. Respect is earned and never given, and it’s through word of mouth that people who never met you learn to respect you. By the same token, it’s through word of mouth that people learn not to respect you.

Which brings me to Barack Obama, a President who consistently shows disregard for our allies and even more disdain for the country he leads, all the while he focuses his attention on trying to get our enemies to like us. If Barack Obama wants the respect of our enemies, he’s going about it the wrong way.

What would you think of person you don’t like, but he betrays his friends to impress you? If that wouldn’t impress you, why do we think that Barack Obama is impressing the Saudi King by lowering his stature in a bow? Or betraying U.S. ally Mubarak by supporting the “Arab Spring”, but would not even lift a finger to keep bring stability in the Middle East when the Iranian people rose up against Ahmadinejad? Maybe the Islamo-fascist of Middle Eastern countries were impressed with Obama, but the reality is, they are still our enemies, and at best, our allies think we’re an unstable friend.

There is also the way Mr. Obama treats our allies that makes it hard to respect him. Sending the Dalai Lama or Benjamin Netanyahu out the back door of the Whitehouse, forcing them to side step the trash. Or sending the bust of Winston Churchill back to England? Or being so full of himself that he actually gave the Queen of England an Ipod full of his speeches? He’s been so God awful towards our allies, it’s just a matter of time before they cut their alliances with us.

And then there lies his “family”, the people he supposedly cares so much for that he’s been blessed to be the head of. The future President gave us a fair warning while campaigning in 2008 when he wouldn’t put his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance and wouldn’t wear an American flag lapel.

Since taking office, he has disregarded the voice of the American people by pushing through his Obamacare despite the majority of Americans being against it. He disrespects our system of Government by circumventing Congress whenever he sees fit. He leaves the people in border states in danger by refusing to embrace our laws of border security and has an Attorney General who refuses to cooperate with Congressional investigation.

He wishes to continue to lead this country, but what has he done for this country? It’s not a question of what Obama has done for us lately, it’s a question of what has he done for us at all?

Should we have a country in which “President thinks he knows best” and leave our fates in the hands of somebody who is more worried about impressing our enemies than he is our own allies? I may be unsure about Mitt Romney, but I am positive about President Obama.


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