The State of The Democrat Party

November 5, 2014

Earlier I had a headline pop across my screen that Landrieu, Edwards, and Mayo should drop out of the race and when I read that I couldn’t help but to laugh. Quickly I had to wonder if it was Karen Carter Peterson begging them not to use up the party’s resources so that they might be able to capture some seats the Democrat party could win, like dog catcher, school board, maybe be ambitious and go after some Mayoral seats. But alas I was wrong and the last bit of common sense of the Democrat party seemed to go away when Chris Whittington stepped down.

trioIt seems that this unfortunate thought came from a Right wing blog. Amazing isn’t it? Why on earth would any Right winger, in the midst of this monumental election would want the three Democrats to step down? If you are an LSU fan, imagine LSU beating Alabama 42-21, then at the end of the third period, Les Miles calls a time out and walks over to Nick Saban and begs Saban to surrender the game. Does the same thing the next week against Auburn, then does the same thing against Kentucky. Are you kidding me?

Now maybe if it was some school like Sacramento Junior College or something, but like those rivalries, this is a bitter election, save Mayo and Kentucky. Let me be very clear, I do not want Mary Landrieu and Edwin Edwards to drop out with Mayo. I want them to stay in. I want the opportunity to vote against Mary Landrieu a second time. I want the opportunity to vote against Edwin Edwards again.

I remember when Mary Landrieu wouldn’t take any phone calls from her constituents. I remember how she snubbed her constituents and tried to pay them off with a government check for her connected buddies. I remember when Mary Landrieu threatened to punch President Bush.  I remember how Mary Landrieu did nothing to put pressure on Barack Obama when he shut down the oil rigs in Louisiana. I remember all too well how Mary Landrieu looked out for Mary Landrieu, Barack Obama, the Democrat party, in that order, and gave her Louisiana constituents lip service about putting up a fight.

Edwin Edwards is a convict and his reality television show is just another notch on his humiliating legacy. These two have been a big reason for the fall of the Louisiana Democrat Party. So while Edwin Edwards might be celebrating his fantastic first place finish, getting all but 70% of the vote, it’s nothing that somebody with his name recognition should be proud of. Seeing Edwin Edwards lose 70-30 would be a cherry on top of my banana split.

But to see Mary Landrieu work those who still support her, to make the Democrats go out on her behalf and waste their resources on what is now a meaningless election for the Democrats. Her purpose of being re-elected, her “Clout”, is no more. Does Mary Landrieu actually have the class to see that the writing is on the wall? Lord knows I hope not. I hope she’s every bit the self centered person she came off as when she made the comment that people in Louisiana don’t support Obama because of the color of his skin.

Now I do get it, Democrats thrive on keeping racism alive. Democrats stir the pot of racial animosity, fueling race based resentment for their own benefit. But then that comes back to we the people, doesn’t it? If we really want to end racism, if we really want to move into a world of racial equality, we wouldn’t allow our elected leaders to stir up racial emotions for their own personal benefit. It’s just one more reason to defeat Landrieu.

I am not disappointed that Cassidy didn’t win outright. In fact, I’m not one iota upset that Maness did so well. I’m happy for Rob Maness and I welcome him to the arena of ideas.  Yes, had Maness not been in the race, Cassidy probably would have ended up with 51% of the vote. So what? This is our system and Rob Maness had some great ideas that needed to be said. Because Rob Maness was in the race, I get to go vote against Mary Landrieu a second time, and for that I really ought to be grateful to Rob Maness and give him a personal thank you.

My only disappointment in last night’s results was that Mary Landrieu got over 40% of the vote. That really was  crushing my spirits. How uplifting it is to know I get to vote against her a second time.

But all of this nationwide rejection isn’t about Barack Obama,  it’s a rejection of the entire Democrat party. The more the Democrats have to campaign on their record, the longer it will last in the minds of the American public. This is about how people think of the Democrat party for a very long time.

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