The Termites among us

August 13, 2012

No one would doubt that termites cause enormous damage to homes across our nation. Much of which causes major structural and economic damage to the foundations and supports of the homes we depend upon for the comfort, protection and security that makes for a good life for ourselves and our families. That pursuit of happiness thing we are told about.

We live our lives unaware of the destruction that may surround us. This destruction from within is gradual and unceasing and if not addressed will destroy our home’s support structure. In many cases this destruction goes unsuspected and undetected until it’s too late. Once the termites are exposed, controlling and containing them must be of paramount importance. This must be done before the rebuilding can begin. Once repaired, vigilance is required to prevent the infestation of this destructive force from reoccurring.

Our founding fathers consulted our past, the good and the bad of mans history, and put on paper a set of blueprints. The blueprint for the foundation is the Declaration of Independence and the blueprint for the structure is our Constitution. With these blueprints they built with blood and treasure a magnificent house. A house where if one chooses to live as a freeman and through the fruits of his labor obtain happiness, this was the place where he could achieve it, the house we call America, The United States of America. As we have been living our lives, distracted by this or that, termites have been hiding in plain sight undermining the very foundation and the pillars of support we as a nation depend upon to secure our futures and that of our descendents.

Who are these termites? Termites are those that believe that once given the gift of life they are entitled to and have the right to take from those that labor those things they are not willing to labor for themselves. Termites do not believe that man, if left alone, can or will take care of and provide for those that truly cannot provide for themselves. Termites do not have faith in their fellow man’s ability to think, reason and decide things for themselves and that they not themselves must be contained and controlled so they can transform our house into one where the owners become the servants. Termites believe man is subordinate to nature and only they can be the stewards of nature. Termites believe anyone, whether legal or illegal, has a right to feed on the American house. People free to work and use their abilities build thing, termites destroy and consume them. Our house is being destroyed and consumed from within by liberal statists and their useful idiots.

Stephen A. Cambre


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